Bad Snow Thing / Good Snow Thing

Bad Snow Things:

  • Listening to the Herculean efforts of people fighting the weather to get into work.  People seem to be ‘snowed in’ on one side of the city and yet on my side all I get is that dirty slush.  I’m yet to see any proper stuff.

Good Snow Things:

  • I did a brilliant  power slide coming out of my road this morning, doing about 4mph.  I thought I was Colin McCrae.
  • Getting sent home early from work today.  *high five* thanks Mr Snow Maker.

Edit Update:  I take back everything I’ve said about snow.  It’s just turned into Armageddon out there  *plans day off tomorrow*


13 thoughts on “Bad Snow Thing / Good Snow Thing

  1. Since I work about a 15 minute walk away I always have to go in to work, but sometimes cancellation are plentiful.
    … it always seems to snow in the morning around here and then gets incredibly crappy sunny outside when I go to work. (booing the weather with facial expressions and everything)

  2. Hey man you should pull more often. It makes for good blog fodder.

    Why don’t chicks understand when they come home with a bloke for a one nighter they are pretty much classified for ever more by the bloke as a tramp and not to be in the same catigory as a woman to be properly dated ie taken to dinner, introduced to the family etc. Chicks just don’t get this.

    Try to pull more often dude. Again it’s great blog fodder

  3. There is no snow here anymore. It all melted. There is snow where my train comes from in the morning (Switzerland) but it hasn’t been cancelled because of it… yet!

  4. Still snowing here, can’t get the car out on to the road; even if I could get the car out there would be twats on the road so the safest thing to do is stay tucked up in OX28 and watch TV (ahem, ‘work at home’) all day.

  5. Idiots on the roads here and main roads not salted so, other than feeding the horses, I am staying home. Sadly the colleges are closed so the teenogres are at home too 😦 Enjoy your day off!

  6. Snow days – bah humbug. I am now on three weeks not being able to move my car and I am fed up. I do have some lovely friends who have been to the shops and are hiking up the mountain with supplies for me though. Yipee.

  7. planetross
    Shame, you should worship the snow gods more often 😉

    Cheers, I don’t make the effort much, but I’ll give it a go!

    Cor! Your train comes from Switzerland, that sounds dead good for some reason (small things, small minds)! The snow wont last long here, it’s already melting ready for a big freeze tonight.

    S. Le
    I slouched around, done some washing, cleaned up a little, read and watched tv. Rock n Roll.

    G’ah, I had to venture into work, feel my pain. Wasn’t as treacherous as I thought it would be. Back home now though, early finish again to avoid chaos.

    No day off I’m afraid, ventured in for half of it. No teenogres here though!

    Welsh Girl
    That sounds like a nightmare. I hear people are panic buying around here after a couple nights of snow. We’ll all be dead if it carrys on for 3 weeks!

  8. I watched the pratt across the road bang his car from curb to curb this morning. It was like our road had been turned into a giant pin ball machine – What you would expect from a teenager only this guy is in his late fifties…

    • BlackLOG
      Even though the gritters haven’t been anywhere near where I live, it’s not been too bad. The steady flow of traffic has worn the snow/ice away in the main bits. Had a few wheel spins at the lights though. Nothing a budding Colin McCrae (such as myself) can’t handle *cough*

  9. You thought you were Colin McRae? I did 4 wheel drive power doughnuts in an (almost) empty Lidl car park last week. Man, that was therapy at work.

    Buy a 4×4, you end up loving the snow.

    • Jaggy
      Nah, that was my attempt at taking the piss out of myself for my ‘power slides’! I wouldn’t trust myself doing power doughnuts in anything, I’d end up wrapping the car around a lamppost or something!

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