Facebook stalking, sponsored by Cynical Scribble:

You know I said I didn’t get voodoo girls number from my last post?  Well, Sunday night boredom kicked in last night and curiosity killed the cat.

After working out how to spell her name I found her on Stalkbook (she has a very unusual first name so it wasn’t too difficult to find her).   Unfortunately she has a limited profile on view to prying eyes, but from her picture she does seem to be better looking than I remember from my drunken haze last week – I’ve even just patted myself on the back for that one!

I am now, however, laughing at myself for being so pathetic (whilst simultaneously congratulating my stalking skills).

In today’s glorious technological age, given it’d be obvious I’d probably had to undertake some kind of Facebook stalking to find her, would the alarm bells starting ringing if I sent her a message?  Especially a week later.  After I didn’t initially get her number.  Or make her tea.  Or toast.  And virtually kicked her out in the morning…even I know that it’s bordering on the insane….isn’t it?  But I’m thinking, I’m single, what have I got to lose apart from my whole life’s worth of dignity, haha!

Or should I just leave it well alone?  What d’ya reckon????


24 thoughts on “Stalker

  1. I reckon you’re a pathetic stalking loser who needs to get a life! (did I really type that?)

    Sersly, you should decide if you want to see her again because if you contact her you may indeed see her again!

    • S.Le
      haha, I know, I know. I was mocking myself as I typed all that out, don’t worry. I know!

      I’m just thinking, “why not?”! It might put my boredom to rest for a bit at least. But at the same time it’s a bit weird and I’m actually not that weird. Honest!

    • smidge
      True, I’m curious. I didn’t expect to find her to be honest. It’s only because there were only about 5 people with her forename listed that I did.

      I can actually picture you sliding down your chair, looking through your fingers saying “Nooooooooooo!”

      I know you’re right though, I don’t think I have the balls to send her a message anyway. I’d never even entertain the idea normally, the devil makes work of idle hands and all that…even though it would be funny!

  2. Dude she’s just a tart you pulled from a pub. Move on man. Or get her number for future booty calls during dry spells. Wear a condom dude!

    • somebloke
      Wise words sir! Don’t worry I’m not hung up on it or anything (although today’s post probably indicates the opposite!) I’m merely trying to entertain myself :p
      Don’t worry about the latter bit, I’m stupid with women, but not that stupid 😀

  3. Why not contact her?

    Even if she blows you off (in a non-sexual sense) because you left it too late or kicked her out in the morning or whatever, who cares? It’s not like anyone other than she would know. Ok, so she might tell her mates and laugh about it (read ‘you’) but, I say again, who cares? You don’t know any of them. They don’t know you. If she doesn’t respond or doesn’t want to see you again, it;s unlikely that your paths will cross again.

    So Idon’t think the potential to “lose dignity” even matters because in this case it doesn’t even count for anything.

    • Soupy
      You speak sense Soupy.
      I’m over analysing things, more so ‘cos I don’t normally do stuff like that (hence singledom!). At the end of the day, as you said the worst that’ll happen is that I get no response or she tells me to fuck off. I might get decent blog fodder if nothing else 🙂

    • DazedLittleMiss
      haha I know, I’ve deleted mine in the past too. Although in my very weak defense she did mention in passing to look her up on there. I’m probably digging myself a deeper hole here aren’t I?! “I’m not a stalker, honest ‘guv”

  4. If you are interested, send her a message. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    … just do it sober and with bad intentions … or drunk and with good intentions. hee hee!

  5. I have a very different opinion to most people above.

    Do it in a peloponnesian minute.

    She asked you to look her up (was this as she was leaving or before you told her to get out?), and you’re a man of course your timing is atrocious. To lure her back in you could even apologise for having to kick her out, and allude to the proceeding day’s events not being worth it in the end.

    Don’t forget people’s profile photos are going to be their best…

  6. planetross
    Decided not to in the end. I entertained the thought for a few hours though!

    S. Le
    Nothing like opening a can of worms so early in the year!

    Decided against it in the end. Realistically I wouldn’t have done it anyway, the thought amused me for a while though.

    Point taken on profile pics, although mine is a blurry one taken at Glastonbury – not the best pic in the world! I wasn’t judging on the pic alone though, she was actually good looking.

      • I too am disappointed, there’s still time so DO IT!!! send her a message. I was thrilled to find out that someone I liked cared enough about me to stalk me. It’s a big compliment and you have nothing to lose. You’ll at least make her day… if she’s anything like me, she’ll be panicking that a man she’s just slept with practically kicked her out of the house and she’ll be thinking that you woke up, sobered up and thought she was rough. Just do it.

      • singlebuteffective
        I didn’t think about it from the female perspective at all re: panicking/kicked out of house etc (typical male). Rather than look at the compliment thing I just looked at it from the weird stalker perspective instead! Still, 2 weeks later is a rather long time, ze ship has sailed…

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