Talking and texting device upgrade

My monthly phone contract has just ended, therefore I can now upgrade my talking and texting device.  Being a bit of a nerdy gadget geek on these type of things means that now I’m eligible to get one…I want to get a new phone, but I don’t know which one.

Almost every time I’ve been due a phone upgrade something has been available which has jumped out at me and shouted “GET ME”!  This time, there are only 2 phones which appeal to me:

  • The sheep like iPhone which, even though it will do everything but  shag me, I really really don’t want one.
  • Or the HTC Hero.  However this poses another ‘problem’ as it’s already 6 months old which means it’ll be Sinclair Spectrum like in another couple of months.  Especially with HTC releasing new stuff in a few months.

The inpatient bastard in me doesn’t want to wait though.

What phones do you good people have and would you recommend anything?


12 thoughts on “Talking and texting device upgrade

  1. I have the iPhone, and I like it as much now as I did the day I got it. The vast majority of users see it as more of a novelty fashion icon than I reasonable smart phone – but I actually use mine for more than just “Oooh, look at the imaginary glass of beer I can drink when I tilt the handset near my stupid face!”.

    • Brennig
      I’m after an Android phone myself, which is why I’m looking at the Hero. v2.0 of Android OS is out now you know..

      The fashion icon thing is the reason one of my mates got one. He’s not a gadget geek type and hasn’t got a clue what to do with it. I’d use one a lot too, but I’m with Brennig on this one, even though the iphone is still great, Android the way to go.

      S. Le
      My mate uses his a lot, he’s forever downloading apps and shoving them in my face to marvel at!

  2. I’m with you on the Android thing. The Motorola Droid (Milestone in the UK) is the next big thing, and was released last Monday. It has Android 2.0, soon to be 2.1 and is available on a contract or to buy outright from Expansys. They’ve teamed up with T-Mobile to get 700 mins, unlimited text and internet for £35 a month if you pay £50 for the phone. Having the latest and greatest certainly has its price. My mate’s ordered one and will be here on Tuesday. I’ll be interested in one too, but my contract has a wee while to go.

    • Jaggy
      The Droid looks very good, but I’m not keen on slidey phones/keyboards. I see the interweb is now awash with Google Phone rumours (Nexus One) too, built buy HTC running Android.
      I’m tempted to take the plunge and buy myself a HTC Hero if I can find one for a decent price on ebay. Then sell it on again when I do a proper contract/phone upgrade in a few months. I need a new nerd toy and I’ve got no patience to wait another 3/4 months!

  3. I’ve got an old Nokia 6500 classic that suits me but then I do have an ipod touch. The ipod is wonderful so I would say if I had a choice then I would go for the iphone. I don’t even know what the HTC Hero is *hangs head in shame* 🙂

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