Christmas should be over by now; judging by the length of time the ‘run up to Christmas’ is taking.  It’s been going on for donkeys years already, I swear it’s starting earlier every year.

“My name is Cynical Scribble and I’m officially fed up with Christmas”

…yet there are still 17 days to go until “The Big Day”.

If its not the jingly jangly sound of Christmas bells ringing out every time you put the television on, step into a shop or turn the radio on, it’s faux Christmas scenes everywhere. 

I’ll concede some ground and say now-ish (8-10th Dec…with 2 weeks to go) is an ok time to start the run up to ‘festivities’, but all this shite started weeks ago.  You can’t escape…every single shop in the world has tinsel hanging up with them flickery fairy lights -  the ones that will cause an epileptic fit to some poor unsuspecting customer. 

Even worse, my fellow office workers have ‘decorated’ our office with that shit thin tinsel stuff.  You know the stuff…the bits that have been in someone’s loft for 10 years with most of the tassels ripped off?  There are one or two decent bits of tinsel which have been put up, the rest are just basically bits of gold/silver string.  The place is starting to resemble a pikeys grotto.

The whole thing just starts too early and I’m all christmased out already.

17 days to go.  Sigh and double sigh.

A picture of me at work Cynical Scribble sat at his desk


12 thoughts on “Humbug

  1. Thanks to red tape and political correctness gone ape our work won’t let anyone hang anything from the ceiling in case they fall on anyone and no lights as they might electrocute people (not that they have done so in the last 20 years). The result is hardly any decorations which is fine by me….

    • BlackLOG
      Our work was like that a couple of years ago, they seem to have relaxed a little somewhat now. Although there is nothing hanging from the ceiling, they won’t allow that one incase it sets the alarms off.
      I might have to mention the fire hazard potential of tinsel though…

  2. It hasn’t even begun for me. I’m working hard to avoid (or filter out) all things ‘Christmas’.

    There is one shopping day left and that is Christmas Eve. Until then, everything is normal.

    • Brennig
      I doff my cap to you sir. Unfortunately, it’s seemingly unavoidable everywhere I turn.

      I even got my first Christmas card on Monday! What the feck is all that about, it’s still virtually November.

  3. Glad to see you got my Christmas card. I thought writing Cynical Scribble, Up North on the envelope would mean you wouldn’t get it 🙂

  4. I do wish they would wait until Dec. 1st to begin the non-stop Christmas music and store displays. Ah well. ’tis the season to spend money.

  5. You look very comfortable at your desk.

    Christmas doesn’t bug me in Japan, but my end of the year party was at the end of November!!! what’s up with that?

    I only “have to” buy 2 presents this year! One has been acquired and the other is a gift certicate or possible cash. I’m set.
    … I’m sure a few poinsettias will be negotiated over during the final moments, but doesn’t everybody have to cough out for those things eventually? (possibly rhetorical)

    • planetross
      I know people who have their Christmas parties in January…the mentalists!

      Gift certificates are what I opt for mostly too when I get stuck. At least you know they won’t go to waste.

      I don’t mind a bit of Christmas telly, although it all just seems to merge into much of a muchness now (new Chrstmas ‘one-off’ specials…AGAIN. It’s like groundhog day)!

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