Last Night: a review (of sorts)


Went to see Kasabian last night, my word, they were brilliant.  I’ve seen them a couple of times before, but only at Glastonbury and even though they’ve been good, I think bands are always better playing their own show.

They had the 10,000 odd strong crowd bouncing from the off.  Especially 3 songs in when they played ‘Fire’.  Got to be one of the best bands I’ve seen this year.  If you get a chance to go and see them, take it!


Drinking on a school night can only lead to trouble.  it’s 9.43am and I feel like death warmed up.  I could gladly put my head on my desk and fall asleep. Only 7 hours to go…

I also proceeded to embarrass myself in front of a girl who was a friend of a friend.  First time I’d met her and she definitely had something about her, maybe it was the fact she was a bit posh and total opposite of someone who I’d attract.  I wasn’t doing too bad on the chatting up front and I kept catching her looking at me.   However, I had a fantastic bout of flatulence caused by yesterdays lunch of corned beef sandwiches (serves me right for eating corned beef).  Therefore my stepping backwards slowly skills came into their own several times during the evening.  As bad as I am at chatting someone up, the cause isn’t helped when I have to step away mid conversion in an attempt to disguise that it’s not me dropping bad eggs.

Sigh, another one bites the dust.


Who’s going for bacon sandwiches?  I’ll have HP sauce on mine, thanks.


13 thoughts on “Last Night: a review (of sorts)

  1. The bloke sat next to me on Saturday night at the pub kept farting. It was minging. No one said anything, but I knew it was him.

    They just lingered.


  2. I’ve only heard Kasabian do “Fire” but it’s fantastic! Cool you got to see them. *jealous again*

    On the farting front, too bad about that. Eat better food and maybe this won’t happen. Huh. That’s not true. Some of the healthiest foods give me gas.

  3. We’re flying to Munich at 06.00 on Friday to watch Muse. We’re going to the midnight premier of some vampire film or other (not my choice, honest!) on Tursday night. So it’s cinema -> film -> car -> airport -> Munich -> hotel -> gig. Alcohol will not be taken!

  4. Jo
    I at least had some decency to step away – although I think the invisible finger was well and truly pointing at me!

    At least they weren’t rasping ones I was doing, I came into my own with stealth farting.

    S. Le
    Both of them songs are really good and they were brilliant played live.

    *shock* that’s blasphemy…no alcohol? You disappoint me! You’ll enjoy Muse though, have fun 🙂

  5. I love Kasabian – so jealous that you got to see them live! Still I’m seeing White Lies on Friday so that might make me feel a bit better. 🙂

    • Michelle
      They were brilliant, I’m tempted to go and see them again tomorrow, but don’t fancy paying tout prices so will probably give it a miss. White Lies are decent live though, seen them at Benicassim in the summer so I’m sure they’ll make you feel better 🙂

  6. You’ve seen so many bands in the last little while, you make me feel like a shut in.

    Be aggressive while farting: “Was that you who farted?” works for me … but I go home by myself most of the time … or stand alone at best. hee hee!

    • planetross
      I do tend to go on little spurts of gig going. Like the buses, nothing for a few months then 3 come along at once.

      I normally do pretend it wasn’t me and show disgust at someone else…it happened to many times though haha! Still, I came home alone – not unlike any other night I go out. So really I was no worse off ha!

  7. I caught Kasabian at Wembley last week and was very impressed; except for when Vlad came on stage he was quite frankly rubbish. I can’t say more as this is heading for next weeks BlackLOG.

    I would love to have seen you backing away from the girl and then trying to pick up the conversation again… You should have introduce yourself as Shaft Cook? she would have been eating out of your hands….

    • BlackLOG
      They were muchly impressive, a definite notch or several up from their Glastonbury performance.

      It was an art form, it really was! Luckily there were other people in our group who were stood by us so it wasn’t total desertion. Ah ok…let’s be honest, I was rubbish! If only she knew of my past eh?! Putty in my hands I tells ya…

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