Turning People into Fonts

Standing waiting for a band to come on last night (Frightened Rabbit – decent gig) I started to wonder what people think of others going to places on their own.   I’ve been to quite a few gigs on my own now and whilst it is a bit boring, it’s not the end of the world.  Looking around there are always a few other people in the same boat too (unfortunately I only ever spot males on their own).

In an instant I decided who the people were and made up a full back story of why they were on their own.  There was the lad who I presumed was in the same boat as me; the student geek who just had no mates and was a bit ‘alternative’ and the older gentleman (mid 40’s) who was into his music and went to gigs on his own all the time.  Moving on I decided that there was a gentleman trying to relive his yoof with a younger bleached blondie female (who was nothing to write home about, but thought she was gods gift); they met on the internet and she’ll end up stabbing him to death sometime over Christmas for not putting the kettle on.

Then I moved onto wondering if they were a font, what type of font they’d be (I wasn’t on drugs, honest..I’d only had 3 pints).  The single lad was Tahoma, the arty farty alternative guy switched between Veranda and Microsoft Sans Serif depending on his mood.  The couple: he was definitely a Times New Roman man whilst blondie was Arial.

Me?  I decided, my steady eddy self was Arial too (font size 10 incase you’re wondering…what do you mean you mean you’re not…).  Although at times I try and throw a bit of Calibri in the mixer when I want to shake things up a little and try and be a cool cat – like last Saturday when I was showing off my  ‘awkwarduncledancingatawedding’ skills.  Although at a festival I’m over the place and can probably be 10 different fonts at once.  Definitely windings at about 4am though.windings

This…THIS is what happens in my head when left to it’s own devices.  Although I’m thankful I’m not like a friend who is a graphic designer.  He can pick up a leaflet/menu or something and know the name of font which has been used…man, they’re fun nights out.

So, let’s pretend I’m on Blind Date…

”This is for Number 3, if you were a font…what font would you be and why?”


5 thoughts on “Turning People into Fonts

  1. I like “Courier” or “New Courier” but have also used “Veranda” and “Ariel.” In my unusual banners I use “Chiller” so what does that say about me? I can’t make up my mind? I enjoy changing it up? I have a personality disorder? Who knows then?

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