Morrissey – Liverpool Arena

It started promisingly on Saturday when Morrissey came on stage and belted out This Charming Man for his first song.  Half way through the second song, Black Cloud, he was hit by a flying plastic pint glass, said “Goodnight” and promptly walked off stage.

Twenty minutes later one of the roadies came on to tell us he would not be returning to the stage.  Gig was over after about 5 minutes.  The shortest gig I’ve ever attended.

I’ve ranted about people throwing stuff at concerts before, I don’t and never will, understand the mentality of it.  I don’t understand what ‘kick’ the thrower gets out of it.

Anyone who throws bottles/pints/piss at a concert or festival is a knobhead pikey fucking chavy wanker cunt twat tit tool prick bastard.

Half of me thinks that Morrissey has been around long enough to have seen all this before.  After ensuring the prick was thrown out he should’ve carried on.  After all, there was another 8,000 normal folk there waiting for a performance which was spoilt by one idiot.  Not to mention the cost of travel and hotels that some people will have forked out for.

The other half of me says that he was 100% correct to not continue.  Not just Morrissey, but any other artist should not have to put up with it either.  When he went off stage I said he wouldn’t come back on and he didn’t.  He’s 50 and has just been ill, why should he put up with it.  If someone threw something at me in work I’d walk out as well!  Well done Morrissey I say.

I said as much at the time, the only way people will stop throwing things at gigs is if the artist/band refuse to play.

Quite possibly this is the only gig I’ll ever remember the full setlist for:

1) This Charming Man

2) Black Cloud (half of it anyway!)



right on the noggin

right on the noggin



10 thoughts on “Morrissey – Liverpool Arena

  1. Gosh! Who could blame him for not finishing his gig?

    “Anyone who throws bottles/pints/piss at a concert or festival is a knobhead pikey fucking chavy wanker cunt twat tit tool prick bastard.” Well said. Bastard!

  2. Good for Morrissey *makes mental note not to buy tickets just in case* Have you checked out Luke Haines? Now that is a gig worth attending – saw him in Bristol on Saturday, going to an instore in Brighton tomorrow and hopefully seeing him at the Hanbury tomorrow night. Just hearing Baader Meinhof and Lenny Valentino is worth the journey, no really! A dedicated fan? I might be 😉

  3. Yeah I’m in two minds too. Surely Morrisey must realise that for every one dickhead, there’s thousands of others who have come to hear the music.

    Saying that, bet that pint throwing dimwit felt like a right nugget when Morrissey walked off and didn’t come back on. After all, he’d paid for a ticket too. Ha.

  4. To be honest I’ve never seen the point of Morrissey so to hear 1.5 songs would be a great gig for me. Better luck next time.

    Completely agree about the bottle throwing though – at the Blur concert in Hyde Park it was like a battle field with Damon actually having to tell the crowds to calm it down. The one and only time I thought “yay for health and safety”.

    • Michelle
      “I’ve never seen the point of Morrissey” best. quote. ever. haha I do see where you’re coming from there, but I don’t mind him. I only went for something to do to be fair.

      My brother went to that Hyde Park gig and ended up fighting with 2 different people for after they were throwing stuff by him. Fun times!

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