I’ve never been there biggest fan: I’ve found it quiet difficult to get into them, even though I’ve tried many times.  I avoided Muse at Glastonbury in 2004 (I think) but then heard they were amazing.  However I did watch them at Benicassim in 2007 and whilst I didn’t think were that good, they did a good little show (mainly because their video screen was very impressive). However, they’ve continued getting ‘best live band accolades’ all over the shop and I wondered why.  What is it I’m not getting?  So they needed ticking off ‘the list’.

It started badly when they came on stage at 8.20pm.  Since when do proper bands start that early?  8:45-9:00 you start, it’s only right.  Us drinkers know where we are with 8:45 starts, we can time that ‘have one more here, then we’ll walk over’ pint to perfection.  Sadly, whilst they bashed through their first song I was at the bar waiting for warm-ish bottles of Carling.  Going Up..or Down?  With 2 green lasers

Apart from all the green lasers they had swirling about the place the first half of their set seemed a bit sluggish and boring (I counted 10 lasers fact fans…yes, I was a bit bored).  Plus they were getting their moneys worth from the platforms they were going up and down on all the time.  There weren’t many arms thumping the air as everyone was waiting for the good stuff later on.  This was then made more unappealing by hearing the dreaded words in my ear: “the bar is shut” (9.30pm and they’d closed the bar).  Bastards.  Muse had to rescue this somehow.

Finally they kicked into gear and someone turned the volume up a notch – I think they even had me thumping the air at one point.  They also had an good video sequence in the centre pod hanging from the ceiling.  It was of a man, who was trying to escape/swim out of the pod thing which was filling with water.  Very impressive.  (I know, I’ve just sold it to you here…had to see it I suppose)!

I’ve no idea what songs they played on Thursday, I can only name about 4 muse songs anyway: Knights of Cydonia, Starlight, Uprising and the one that starts: da da da du du da.  Not using the liftBest live band in the world?  Nah.  I wouldn’t pay to see them again, they were just ‘alright’.  I think you either love Muse or, like me, you waver a little and give a shrug of your shoulders.

I still don’t get them, they’re good, but they’re definitely a bit overrated. At least they’ve now been ticked off ‘the list’.

back on the lifts (All dodgy photos courtesy of a mobile phone)


4 thoughts on “Muse-ings

  1. My younger brother(who gave me the U2 T shirt) liked Muse better than U2. Of course for some, that is left unsaid because of their dislike of U2.

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