Shower Gel Snobbery

Far be it from me to turn my nose up at a person’s choice in washing products. However I’ve had recent suspicions of one of my housemates’ choice of product lately.

Ages ago, due the joys of house/bathroom sharing, I stopped keeping my ‘bathroom stuff’ in the bathroom. Mainly because I suspected my housemate was using my stuff:  He’s too much of a tight bastard to buy his own/ensure he didn’t run out. Yes, it’s a bit precious of me, but I’d only use other peoples stuff as a last resort (if I’d accidently ran out of stuff without realising I was low or something).

I get through a bottle of shower gel every few weeks. He, however, can seemingly make one last for about 2/3 months – this is with having daily showers…I have no idea how he rations it to last that long? Maybe I’m liberal with the shower gel. I’m shower gel rich? Who knows…

Anyway, he hasn’t had any kind of shower gel/shampoo/soap in there lately. Three weeks have passed with a bare bathroom so I asked him how he’s washing himself:

“..using the Carex Handwash”carexhandwashoriginal12packoffer11371

Agog. I wondered if he’s using the same stuff to wash his hair…

“yes, it’s just soap isn’t it. What’s the problem?”

It might just be me, but that has all kinds of wrongness written all over it.

It is just soap in a differently labelled bottle, he’s right, and I’d probably use it myself in emergencies, but to use it everyday in the shower…as a matter of fact?  It gets a big fat "HMMMMMMMM…" from me.

We should start using Fairy Washing Up Liquid in the shower, just re-label the bottle “3-in-1” (dishes, bodywash and shampoo).  After all, according to the Fairy Liquid website: it ‘cuts through grease better than any other washing up liquid and lasts a lot longer’.

You wouldn’t even need a daily shower according to that tag-line.

Why, I might even just curl myself up into the dishwasher this evening, put myself onto a hot wash then, when it’s finished, nonchalantly throw myself into the tumble dryer to dry off. 

Fucking tramp.  Him.  Not you.


15 thoughts on “Shower Gel Snobbery

  1. Our chum puts car parts in his dishwasher! (and we have eaten in his home!)

    I’d not advise the dishwasher in place of shower either only because dishwasher detergent usually contains bleach and would burn your eyes, etc. Also the high temperatures would scald you!

    Doesn’t the Carex soap give your flatmate dandruff? I’m with you on this one. Use appropriate soaps for designated bits.

    Don’t want to put anything important in danger!

    You are spoiling us with so many posts in a row.

    I love this post!

  2. Another *very* good reason to live alone. Incidentally, perhaps you should tell him (which is true) that fabric conditioner is almost identical to hair conditioner…

  3. Brennig
    There are parts, even Fairy Liquid is not meant to clean.

    Blue Soup
    If I was a contortionist I reckon I’d give it a good go…

    S. Le
    No idea on the dandruff, I try and avoid closer inspections to be honest!

    I didn’t know that about fabric conditioner. Although I’m not even sure we have any of that stuff either…

    Luckily enough I don’t see him that much (different work hours/passing ships). I’ve already battled with my conscious on hiding the Carex on him, muhahaha

  4. I have washed with just soap or just shampoo in the past, but I’m on the shampoo for everything side of this debate. There is hair on every part of the body except for the place where most people squirt the glob of shampoo into (hand … unless you use the soles of the feet for that purpose).

    I don’t use soap to wash my head hair regularly because it’s too harshy feeling on my follicles.

    To widen the debate: conditioner is just a scam … people have been conditioned to use conditioner.
    There! I’ve said it.
    I’m controversial.

    I guess at the end of the day, it’s his trampy head he’s using soap on.
    Washing up liquid will be reserved for very thin days on planetross.

    • planetross
      Aye, I’ve used just shampoo many times in the past myself. Still can’t get past the handwash on hair though.

      Another week has past and he STILL hasn’t bought any new stuff. It’s like meff central…

  5. If I put soap anywhere near my hair it would look awful within days… maybe even hours! And I’m pretty sure my boyfriend would ask to use my shower gel before resorting to the handwash, even if the handwash does smell slightly more neutral than my current very girly shower gel (some kind of flower fragrance).

  6. Carex? Really? Is he nuts? I mean how much is a bottle of shower gel anyway? Surely the carex is more expensive? My suggestion? Empty the carex pot and fill with interesting alternative options and see if he notices. I’m thinking Mayonnaise as a starter….

    • Welsh Girl
      Yup. You read that correct, Carex. And yup, he is a bit nuts (don’t tell him though because he thrives on the attention).

      Shower Gel is £1 (ish) a bottle so yeh, the Carex probably was more expensive. He’d already bought the Carex when his Shower Gel supply was on it’s last legs, however he now obviously thinks it’s easier to just use that instead of spend 100 whole pennies on shower gel. The mind boggles.

      You might be onto something there, but I think he’ll notice the colour change and mayonnaise is too good for him. I might actually just water the Carex down. I’ve done the same when I realised he was using my mouthwash (is nothing sacred) Muwhahaha (or however you do an evil laugh).

  7. Well I had a roommate who I don’t think showered at all, and one day, when he came down with wet hair, The Boy and I looked at each other in shock, then realized he probably didn’t use the soap, anyways.

    He smelled horrid. Finally got that stench out of my couches, two months after he moved out!

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