Ideas and Plans

My little warped mind is a mish-mash of plans for visits to far flung places and world domination lately.  In short, I have absolutely no idea what I want to do.  My latest ditty is:

Instead of planning a mad lengthy (and expensive) Australian visit, then why not just do a short one….soon.  Yes, I am an impatient bastard.  I could treat it as a scouting mission, ib dib dib and all that.

I’m thinking Chrimbo/New Year time.  Can I raise the necessary cash to go before then?  Probably… at a very a big push (i.e. not leaving the house, ‘forgetting’ to pay some bills and eating just beans for a month) but then I’d be pushed for spending money and have to count the pennies.  In all honesty I can’t go, but it hasn’t stopped me checking out flights/hostels etc.  Although it would satisfy my itchy feet, the money I’d spend would be better spent on a superior visit next year.  A man can but dream.

My next, currently in progress plan, which is more realistic (and cheaper):  is a visit to the Big Apple for Christmas or New Year.  I don’t like Christmas/New Year, but if I was in New York I could pretend I was in Santa Claus: The Movie.  How brilliant would that be?

I have a friend who moved there a year or so ago and none of us have been for a visit yet.  I’ve never been over there before so I suggested it to a couple of mates last month and they’ve said they’ll go, but we’re yet to confirm/book anything.  I’m kicking people’s arses as I type because the longer we go without booking anything, the less time this penniless gimp has to save/beg for cash.

So many ideas and plans.

Oh, and even though I can’t afford it, I had a “fuck it, why not…yes, I’ll go”’ moment last week…and I’m going to Lisbon for a few days in a couple of weeks.

So little money.

I’ll be outside the train station (with a dog tied to a piece of string), selling The Big Issue before I know it:

“Big Issue….thanks anyway, have a nice day.”

I’m sure I can pull that off with some panache.  It never fails to make me feel a bit guilty.


4 thoughts on “Ideas and Plans

  1. DOOOOOO ITTT!!! Sounds GREAT!

    There are other things you can do without needing too much money, like go WOOFing on a farm somewhere in Europe for a couple of weeks – you get your food and board paid for. There are a lot of interesting travel opportunities even for people without money. I recommend a book called Work Your Way Around The World (Amazon sells it), which is updated every couple of years (this edition mentions the recession, so it’s as up to date and relevant as possible). It outlines ways of getting cheap or free accommodation, travel etc, and it holds country-specific information which might help if your heart is set on Oz.

    • Rosie
      I’ve just had to look up WOOFing, I’ve never heard of it before. Not normally the type of thing I’d go for to be honest, but I’m going to look into it a bit more. Ta for the info. I’ve added the book to my Amazon Wish List…ready to be raided on payday!

  2. I’ll have a copy of “Big Issue” then. What? The cost is $2,000 American dollars? Just forget it! Get some foot powder for those itchy feet and start eating beans. Dogs like beans as well so you won’t have to spring for kibble. Hope you can raise the dosh.

    Oh and have fun in Lisbon! I’ve never been!

    • S. Le
      There’s a copy of The Big Issue with your name on it. Don’t worry, it’s not that expensive…let’s call it $1900 instead.

      Not going for a couple of weeks yet, but thanks, I intend to 🙂

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