Continuing on the ‘let’s go to Oz theme…’

On Sunday I went to an emigration exhibition to have a little mooch around and maybe see if I would qualify for an Australian Visa – or if I would just get laughed at (given I don’t have any ‘trade’ skills).

After sitting in on a talk by an immigration expert and then speaking to him later on, it seems that I may qualify for a Regional State Sponsored Visa.  Which would mean me living and working in whatever Australian State my ‘skills’ were needed for 2 years – which turns out it could be in South Australia (major city is Adelaide) – after the 2 years I’d be free to move out of the state and live/work/slouch/die wherever I wanted to.

Now, I’m not being naive, I know this immigration gimp may just be telling me this because he wants me to give him loads of wonga to process an initial application.  However, they do seem like a reputable company and they are emailing me more detailed information (free of charge) later this week/next week.  So I’ll know more then. It’s all at the ‘it’ll do me no harm just to find out’ stage at the minute.

However I’ve since been wondering if I’m being totally stupid or not.  I mean, I’ve never set foot outside of Europe, nevermind visited Australia.  Yet here I am putting feelers out for a permanent visa to go and live there.  On the other hand though, if I got a working holiday visa, I’d be doing basically the same thing anyway (albeit with a bit more freedom to become a nomad), but just knowing  it’s only for 12 months or whatever.

So, where do things stand now?  I’m not sure:

Short term:  Possibly apply for a Working Holiday Visa by Feb/early March (I’m 31 in March, they don’t give working visa to old gits over 30) which would let me go to/stay in Oz until feb/mar 2011 and become a travelling gypo until then.  Which would require me to save like I’ve never saved before, but then at least I have that option to piss off over there mid next year-ish.

Long term (the all or nothing option): All depends on information the immigration wonga thief gives me.  I mean, if he says “Yep, you’ll qualify for a visa, it’ll take 12 months and the visa costs £1500/2000” what do I do?  Would it be totally stupid/short sighted of me to do it without having never been to Australia?  If I went down this route, given I have NO savings and next to no possibility of getting a loan, it would therefore make the short term option a no go.

My ‘sensible / shit myself at the unknown/never being spontaneous’ head tells me that I can’t possible do something like this.

My ‘what the fuck is holding you back’ head tells me to be the first person I/family know to move to another country.  Stop plodding on, accepting second best, and to actually do something with myself.

I keep telling myself that loads of other people do shit like this…so why can’t I?  (This is how I’m currently selling it to myself).  I’d rather not get to ten years down the line and think ‘what if’.


18 thoughts on “Continuing on the ‘let’s go to Oz theme…’

  1. I’m a “what if” thinking, put it off till “some day” person myself. I’d like to say, “Don’t be daft! Go for it!” But I’m, well, not that sort myself!

    The prospects are a bit scary but also exciting. It’s “only” 2 years. You seem to have no ties (well except for your twin, your mates, your job.) I’d hate for you to live in regret and “what ifs.”

    You could talk to Tony at He lives in Tasmania but knows loads about Oz as well.

  2. S. Le
    You’re right, I don’t really have any ties (apart from family and friends). That’s why I’m leaning towards it, I can do what I’m doing now, if not more…but in Australia! *puts on rose tinted specs*

    What’s the worst that could happen? If I don’t like it, I come home. Easy!

    Thanks, I’ve surprised myself getting up off my arse and doing something too! Nobody is going to sort this out for me so if I don’t do it then it won’t happen 😀

  3. My advise – grab the working holiday visa because you can and because its a bloody good way to get to know the country and the work ethic. If you do 3 or 4 months of seasonal work while you’re there, you qualify for another working hol visa and it’ll also look more proactive on any application you make to live there.

    Just don’t go to oz on a working holiday visa, not work, and be gutted when you want to go back 7 years later but can only stay for 3 months. Like me.

  4. The working holiday visa sounds right. Short term to check it out and have it on a resume what good employee you are, but not comitted to long term yet. Just make sure the short term holiday visa isnt code for cleaning sheep shit from dawn until dusk in a penal colony.

  5. I got the costs from Mr Immigration man last night, £3000 odd in total. Sod that for a game of soldiers, not at this stage anyway. Working holiday visa it is.

    You have wise words young lady. This is the only chance I get to apply for a Working Holiday Visa though, I’ll be too old to apply for another WHV again *cough* when I reach 31 in March. But this will be the one I’ll get.

    I’ll bring my koala beating stick

    Yep, having slept on it and seen the costs I’m going to go for the Working Holiday Visa. Definitely will not be cleaning sheep shit though!

  6. Saw ‘Priscilla queen of the desert’ last night (turned out to be Mrs B’s West End debut, but that’s another story*). Go see it I believe it tells you everything you need to know about Australia….apart from 98% of the animals and 22% population are out to kill you….

    * Coming to a BlackLOG near you soon.

  7. I was going to advise the “holiday visa” option, but everyone else beat me to it and you’ve already decided to do that anyway.
    … I should read backwards and from the end when I come late to the table.

    Good luck!

  8. I’m thinking that the money it might cost to get a full visa would probably support you for a year in Australia, particularly considering that you are bound to be able to pick up odd jobs while you are there. It does make sense to at least see the country before you move there full time!

  9. You can qualify for an Australian visa easily.

    All you have to do is walk into that office and starting saying “Mate” over and over, nonstop.

    Oi, mate. Give me a visa, mate. Nice weather, ey mate? MATE!!


    • Welsh Girl
      Yep, that’s exactly what I thought when I seen the price of it. I’m not made of money!

      Otto Mann
      Don’t forget the “G’day mate” !
      Although I do tend to say ‘mate’ quite a lot too…normally when I can’t remember someones name.

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