Still anonymous

Mate: “I’ve been messing around with blogging sites and software in work, for a site I’m working on.  Do you know anything about it?”

Me: “Err, no.  What do you mean, like that blog Google thing…Blog? Blogger? or something is it called?”

Mate: “Yeh, that’s it”

Me: “Nah, no idea about all that blog stuff”

Mate: “I’ve found something called WordPress.”

Shit.  He’s found it I thought. 

Within a split second I had the next 5 years of piss taking and endless jokes run through my head.  I wanted to find a dark corner and curl up into the foetal position.  I raised my eyebrows and gave my best non-interested “oh right” whilst keeping my eyes on the cricket on the tv.

“It’s brilliant, the templates are dead smart and it’s easy for people to update and do all kinds of nonsense.  They’re building a site around one in work”

Me: (giving my best ‘you’re boring me shitless look’) “Ah right.  Nice one.  So you’re going to start “blogging” or whatever it is now are you?” 

Mate: “No, fuck that…joking aren’t you?  I’m just setting it up for work.  Wankers.


And with that, he floated off to the bar non the wiser but proud of his technological achievements.  Meanwhile my heart went back to beating it’s normal rhythm and I gulped down the remains of my pint.

Thankfully, he was just chatting shite and not asking probing questions.  It was all over in about a minute, but I’d just played my best mentally challenged role yet.  Awarding myself an Oscar whilst he was at the bar and giving myself a virtual tap on the back in the process.


16 thoughts on “Still anonymous

  1. I know that feeling. Husband looks at a couple of blogs on WordPress occasionally but not ones I comment on. I think he knows I have a blog here but I don’t think he knows where it is or what it’s called. I like having a blog to myself to express myself in any way I want to. Having him reading it would make me self conscious. Nothing to hide really, just don’t want him reading. We have a blog we share and I have others I play with that he does read. I just like being a bit anonymous like you do.

  2. I moved my blog last year because of too many people i knew reading it. I felt i couldn’t be free with my writing and as you have found there are a lot of folk out there who just don’t understand blogging at all – we are just weird to them!

    • S. Le & Smidge – Yeh I know that feeling. I’m still not as free with my posts as I’d like (still not putting the whole mental workings of my mind here – although I came close today). But still, I’d rather nobody I knew found it. It wouldn’t be my little corner anymore.

  3. hello cynical scribble its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo shud let yore dog do the blogging then no wun wood ever connekt it to yoo just ask dada nobody ever goze to his reel blog they just come to mine!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ok bye

  4. See, I have mixed feelings about blogging. On the one hand, I am terrified of being uncovered by someone and have taken my blog down on MANY occasions when I have believed there has been a “security breach”.

    On the other hand, I’m sort of not bothered and feel a bit like just “coming out” as it were. I have a close friend from uni who reads the blog (and have done since I moved up to London), my best mate had the address and read it a few times and told me that my experiences with depression made her cry as she felt the same but I don’t think she reads anymore), and a mate from my old company pops by occasionally. I don’t really write anything controversial anymore.

    And loads of my blog friends are friends with me on FB now and we sometimes catch up in Real Life too (shock horror).

    So, sometimes I wonder why I still feel fluttery about the idea of it going public. But I do.

  5. I don’t give a rat’s ass who reads my blog!

    I’ve told everyone I know, but most really can’t be bothered. I’ve attracted the family with adding twitter twaddlings to a Facebook account … that is really just twitter twaddlings.

    For me, the chances of suffering reprecussions for having a blog are between none and squat. I’m uncontroversially controverial … or something.

    You should have got an Oscar like Dustin Hoffman in “Toody” or Sean Young in “I Am Son of Sam” or Daniel Radcliffe in “My Left Feet”.

  6. Dennis – that made more sense than anything I’ve ever posted 😉

    blue soup – I think the anonymity of it gives people the freedom to write what they want, when they want. Even though I still censor myself sometimes, I’d be even more reserved if I knew people who were reading. Like they’d get to see more of me than I’d like them to.

    plantross – I know what my friends are like..the ‘too kool for skool’ brigade would be out in force, I’d never hear the end of it!

  7. I got fired because someone took exception to something I wrote in my blog. It wasn’t bad at all but they were highly-placed politicals so I was out of the door with half an hour’s notice.

    So now I don’t blog about work. Except maybe I do somewhere else. Bwahahahaha.

    Erm, sorry.

  8. I’m glad I never went down the path of being a secret blogger, all that fear and anxiety of being outted.

    I guess I do hold back from writing some things but that’s probably not a bad thing (Plus Mrs B acts as a good social conscience for me)….I use my blogging as an attempt to entertain people and as a diary of what we got up to. Reading back items from a couple of years back brings back some tremendous memories. So what if It will never be the Diary of Anne Frank or Adrian Mole it makes the odd person laugh and that’s enough for me…..

  9. My boyfriend knows about my blog. As far as I know he’s never read it, but I thought it was only fair for him to know about it seeing as I mention him on a regular basis.I wouldn’t mind people from my real life reading if they would at least leave a comment. I have a sneaking suspicion that some of them have found it, read it and just not said anything. Grr.

    • Fantasia Lilith – haha yeh I can imagine it’d be worse for you than me 😉

      BlackLOG – I’m not that scared out being ‘outted’ it’s just the piss takes that I imagine my mates would give me. I don’t consider myself a ‘blogger’ though…I just post stuff on the internet (my own internet forum) :p

      You’re blog makes me laugh, so it’s working. I know what you mean about bringing back memories, works in a similar fashion-ish to photos I suppose, they both bring back memories of a particular time and place.

      bevchen – Letting him know seems fair enough. Start talking about the people who you think is reading, that’ll make ’em comment soon enough 😉

  10. I think if I get a permanent job one day (ha) I’ll be a lot more careful about writing in work / about work. I just wouldn’t do it if I was in a job I gave a shit about. When you’re temping though it’s neither here nor there.

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