You Two

On Thursday I ambled along to Sheffield to see U2.  I’m not their biggest fan, I think Bono is a bit of a tool, but their music (especially the older stuff) is mighty fine to my ears. 

I went to see them in Manchester a few years ago and they know how to put on a show, so thought I’d give them another go.20082009551

Just before a gig is about to start, that 5-10 minutes just before the band come on stage, the anticipation and excitement of what awaits turns me into a 5 year old on Christmas day.  Even more so on Thursday when I was just coming up on different concoctions of drugs and alcohol.

Ten minutes later and 3 songs into the set – I think they were singing ‘Beautiful Day’ – I had a drug and alcohol fuelled “moment” and decided it would be a fantastic time to phone some family and friends. 

Yes, I know.  Not the greatest plan I’ve ever had.

The worst thing anyone can do to me is phone me when they are at a gig, apart from anything else I just think they are a knobhead.  On Thursday I was that knobhead.

I’ve no idea what I said, if they heard me, or even if they could tell I was off my tits.  Thankfully, whatever I said will have been drowned out by Bono…I hope.  Four days have past and I’ve had no complaints, so it was more than likely just a mumble of noise.  Phew.

In the cold light of day though, I’d have to say that the show ranks up there as one of the best gigs I’ve seen.  I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but the stage, the music, the lights…the whole shebang was brilliant.  20082009558

The only thing that put me off was the preachy ‘let’s save the world’, 5 minute speech from Bono near the end.  Ok, he has a point – and they can reach however thousands/millions of people over the course of a tour with their ‘message’ – but it’s still fucking wanky. 


10 thoughts on “You Two

  1. Seems he had a captive audience. That would put me off a bit as well but I’d like the concert.

    Good you didn’t call your boss instead!

    • S. Le – I’m not too bad at phoning the right people when drunk. I’ve just got to learn to turn my phone off when it’s not necessary to use it!

      Perpetual – I think it’s become expected now, so at least it’s not a shock when it happens!

  2. For a moment I thought I was watching stills from the BBC SciFi series Tripods, then I drifted off to another place where the Tripods invaded a U2 concert and one picked up Bono and squeezed the life out of him, hurling his body down on to the stage, then The Edge attached the Tripod’s arm with his Fender but the blows bounced harmlessly off as the Tripod lasered him with its Death Ray and…

    I’m sorry, I seem to be slipping in and out of a delicious fantasy.

    • Dennis – at last count it was about 8,598. It was very War of The Worlds esque.

      Brennig – We can only wish it came alive and squeezed the life out of Bono.

      They made 3 of them stages as well, we’ll be invaded soon.

    • planetross – I guess you don’t get many big bands turning up in your part of the world, I’m spoilt in that respect.

      I turn green with envy from the places you’ve traveled. You turn green with envy at me having seen U2 a couple of times. I know which I’d rather trade 😉

  3. If anyone says anything about the phone call you can always claim it was an accident and you didn’t realise your phone had called anyone cos the music was too loud to hear them at the other end of the phone…

    My sister actually phoned a friend while we watching Idlewild because he requested her to. he couldn’t go to the concert so he asked her to call during a certain song so he could at least hear it.

    • bevchen – I’ve already passed it off to two people as just being bladdered!

      I’m the worst for phoning people at gigs if I know someone can’t make it/really likes the band. More often than not though, people ask “who?” when I say I’m going to see someone!

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