A post about wanting to go to Australia

Nearly a month ago I walked onto a beach in Spain and said to myself “what the fuck am I doing living in England?”

I haven’t been able to get that sentence out of my head since.

For about the past 10 years I’ve always had it in my head that I want to go to Australia.  I’m not totally sure where my obsession with it came from.  Was it the many hours spent watching Neighbours or Home & Away when I was younger?  Maybe it was the late night influence of Bea Smith in Prisoner Cell Block H?  Either way I want to go, otherwise I don’t think ever I’ll shake off my ‘go to Oz’ mindset.

Looking at where I am now, there isn’t much stopping me.  I don’t have kids, I’m not in a relationship with anyone, and I’m not tied down to a mortgage (although I do have some credit card debt).

What I do have here is family, friends (even though they can’t bring themselves to go out!) and a half decent paid job.  I can’t move my family and if I moved I’d make new friends.  I don’t really want to still be sat behind this desk in another 10 years having done nothing apart from plod on with the daily grind.

So, what do I do?  Apply for an Australian working visa before I reach the grand age of 31 in March and go at some point next year.  Or do I go the whole hog and try and get accepted on an emigration visa?

Underneath the rose-tinted specs, I know that it can’t be all fantastic out there, but I also know it can’t be any worse than it is in England.  One thing it will be though is different and I think that’s what I need, I need change and I need to try it before I get old and wrinkly or before I find, and get attached, to some silly female.

I’m not sure why I haven’t done much about it in the past, but now more than ever, the little voice in the back of my head won’t go away.  There is a emigration expo next month not far from me, so I’m going to along to that and see what my options are and we’ll take it from there.

What have I got to lose?


18 thoughts on “A post about wanting to go to Australia

  1. Brilliant! Do it! GO There! Fantastic! Yaaaayyy

    (I will be doing something similar in the next few months, methinks, otherwise I will go insane. I, too, have had the “why the hell am I doing this when I could be doing something else, somewhere better?” thoughts)

  2. Australia does not appeal to me. Not sure why not, perhaps it’s the fact that almost everything over there wants to kill you* or thrash you at cricket. They seem to be fairly proficient at both of these occupations. Please don’t let my prejudice put you off, as long as you keep blogging (I’m sure I read that Australia is due to release the ZX spectrum early next year so internet can only be decades away).

    Not sure how your work is doing but you could always try asking for a six months sabbatical (saves them money) and potentially gives you a job to come back to**. Costs nothing to ask……..

    *Yes that includes the Koala bear – I’m sure they are designed to drop on your head from great heights, breaking your next and smashing your skull….

    **Make sure work will still take you back if you are in a wheelchair, in case you get dropped on by a Koala bear (hardly ever make the news, they don’t want to put off tourists)

  3. Do it.

    I had the same urge a few years ago and just packed my bags and went a month later.

    If you get a working visa, make sure you’re definitely going to use it. That’s my only regret. I should have got a holiday visa for when I went because I didn’t end up working, and you can only have one in your lifetime (unless you’re sponsored etc).

    You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

  4. We’re talking about it but if you’re in a position to go… Go!

    Soph lived/worked in Melbourne for a year and I’ve worked in Sydney. I really don’t know why we’re only talking about it rather than actually doing it!

  5. We thought something like that back in 2001 when we visited California from New York in February. “What are we doing living in New York?” we said, wandering around in the sunshine and the flowers. So, now we live in California, but it was a rough couple of years when we first packed up and moved!

  6. Definitely go for it! I’d go with the working visa option though – you have to have something they want before they’ll let you live over there permanantly.

  7. I’d not want to go to Oz but I completely understand wanting to break the old grind and do something new. I agree with everybody who said, “go for it!” Now’s the time mate. You’re not gettin’ any younger there! lol

  8. I think you should try it even if it turns in to a long holiday as Australia is a great place to visit. I only went there for 3 weeks but kind of wished we had gone for longer. Sydney is the place to go and it has a really relaxed feel about the place. Cairns is a great place to visit or if you want to do the whole backpack experience then Cairns is good for hostels etc.

    Also, if you don’t like it you can always come back. My best friend did just that – went out there thinking about working but just had a two months holiday before coming home. Luckily she got her old job back. Good luck with deciding!

  9. “what the fuck am I doing living in England?” is definitely a sentence! hee hee! possibly a life sentence! double hee hee!

    Do it! Do it now!

    The guy I traveled with in Australia was English (he was on a working visa) … and he enjoyed it tremendously. He went home eventually, but it was an adventure and something he never regretted.

    But don’t just hang out on the East Coast: if you’re going to see it, see all of it. (my words of wisdom)

  10. Thanks for all your comments. Seems like its an overwhelming yes to go!

    blueskies – You sound more excited about this than me! See you in Oz?!

    BlackLOG – I’m sure I’ll be able to find a cricket bat to fend off any unwanted predators!

    Useless fact for you…a Koala is not a bear, us pommies adopted that name for it because it looked like a Teddy bear. I’d beat them with my bat if they tried anything with me though!

    Good thinking about the sabbatical. They can only say no.

    Jo – I’m not in a position to go just yet. I’ve got no savings whatsoever so it’d be a good few months before I even bought a plane ticket. The urge will still be there then though.

    I can only get a working visa up until my 31st birthday in March anyway, so the next few months is the only time I could apply and get one, that seems like the logical option.

    Brennig – Go…do it…I’ll see you out there? We’ll show them how to do proper festivals 😉

    Dennis – Someone who has done what I want to do…that’s the attitude I like.

    bevchen – What country in their right mind would reject me?! My office gimp skills aren’t high on the needed list it seems, a working visa seems the only logical option. Before I elope into the bush never to be found…

    S. Le – I’m still a spring chicken thank you very much!

    Michelle – Thanks for the advice. That’s what I was thinking, extended holiday with an option to stay on/work if I need to or the fancy takes me to stay longer and just see what happens.

    Planetross – Is there any country you haven’t visited?! I’m not jealous what so ever. Nope, I’m not!

    Your words of wisdom have been noted, I want to see it all anyway, seems a shame to go so far to not see it all 😀

    **wowzers, that reply took longer to write than my post. Must revisit my policy of replying individually :p **

  11. Talking of marsupials I counter your useless fact with an equally useless one :-

    A common myth about the kangaroo’s English name is that ‘kagaroo’ was a Guugu Yimidhirr phrase for “I don’t know.” so when asked by Captain cook what the big footed creature was called….

    Which happens to ruin a particularly bad joke

    Joke teller :- How did the kangaroo get it’s name?

    Victim of bad joke teller:- “I don’t know?”

    Joke Teller “exactly!!!”

  12. Well then! I think it sounds like a brilliant idea, although I’ve been dying to move to England for years, and I’ve found it extremely difficult, and you want to leave! 😦 Although, I guess for Australia, you have my approval 🙂

  13. I have just started looking into going to Aus myself. I have been in the UK for almost six years now and am starting to get itchy feet. I totally understand the need to go. Like you I dont have anything tying me down to the UK, yet I am still here. Reading your blog made me think, WHY AM I STILL F’ING HERE. So I guess the deal is signed for me, I am going. Now comes the hard part SAVING. Wanna rob a bank as a short cut? I am sure I can find some dodgy boat crew that would hide us away till we got to Aus. Its going to be a few tough months I guess but if you have a dream go for it. you will only regret it if you dont. Good luck, you never know our paths may cross.

    • VanillaNote – Hi, saving is the hard part – as always, it’s my biggest downfall and I’m still worried at the thought of having to save! If I can be the getaway driver (in exchange for you sorting a dodgy boat crew), I’m all in for robbing a bank.

      I’ll get there in the end, somehow. Good luck to you too, I’ll see you in Aus!

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