Step away from the machine

Lately, I’m spending too much time indoors and consequently too much time on the internet. 

When I’m in work I have the internet there in front of me.  Firefox loaded up with Gmail Manager add-on in the corner alerting me to any new email.  It only takes the smallest of distractions from my work and I’m off again, refreshing pages of the all the usual suspects. 

Then at home, if I’m not sat at the computer I’ll be downstairs watching telly.  Even knowing not much (if anything) would’ve changed, but after 10 minutes I’ll be bored and load up Mini-Opera on my mobile, connect to the wi-fi and again check the usual suspects and my email. 

Virtually, all my news comes from the internet (unless I catch 5/10 mins on the tv).  Did I miss some sports results?  I turn to the internet and go to the BBC Sport page.  Miss a tv show?  I play it on iplayer or download it.  If I feel a bit ill, I turn to the fountain of knowledge to find out what incurable disease I have.  In fact anything I need to know I turn to the internet: 

I bought a whole pineapple a few months ago.  I got home and realised I didn’t have a clue what to do with it.  It didn’t occur to me when I bought it, that I didn’t have a clue how to reach the juicy yellow treasure inside.  How did they open, how did you cut it etc?  The internet told me

I can’t imagine not having the internet now, it’s the greatest thing ever.  All roads lead towards it nowadays, but it’s also like a ball and chain around my ankle lately.

Some people enjoy smoking, drugs, alcohol, gambling…I’m currently stuck pressing that curly button, or F5, a bit too much.


11 thoughts on “Step away from the machine

  1. Do you have an iphone?…or PDA? It’s like having your own mini laptop EVERYWHERE. And it is addicting. And really bad for date nights with your husband because you’re both busy checking stats and news and whatever else comes to mind…

    • Jessica – Hi, no iphone or PDA, I’ve resisted so far. Although it seems all new mobiles coming out are on par with my pc so it won’t be long before I have one. My phone (Nokia N82) can use wi-fi though – it’s my downfall!

  2. My business is based around having internet connectivity, so ones reliance on being online becomes even more critical.

    Lately at night I’ve taken to turning the laptop off and doing something else. Shock horror, it has been quite refreshing!

  3. I’ve been slowly realising how much time I spend on my laptop, espcially when I’m not working. When I’m working, the last thing I want to do is sit at a laptop after staring at a computer screen all day.

    And you only have to be working in an office when the network goes down to see how much chaos not having the internet causes businesses!

  4. Completely agree with you – I spend too much time on the internet for work and at home. I’m trying to limit my TV watching though but I’ve just replaced that with the internet.

    The best thing about the internet is that I can now work from home without any hassle, like today while we have builders digging up the front drive. But that could be a bad thing as in the ye olde days it would be a day off 🙂

  5. The internet is far preferable to the television: reading The Times Online is far more efficient and productive than watching the news (and it’s rather better written, too).

  6. I know the feeling and I’ve cut way back but am still here too much. I suppose it is marginally better than watching crap TV but only marginally. I’m online at my work all day as well. You’d think I’d tire of it but it’s work after all! To me the Internet is TV with benefits.

  7. Jo – I’m lost without in net in work (skiving or not), I couldn’t do half my job without it. Although it’s probably only chaos everywhere because no one can skive on Facebook :p

    Michelle – True, I’ve found I don’t watch as much TV as I used to, but it’s just been replaced by the time I spend on the internet.

    Just turn to plan B and tell work your internet has gone down. Easy!

    CoatMan – Hi, welcome to my abode! I agree there, it is preferable. Not forgetting that it saves having to buy a newspaper too (I can’t remember the last time I bought one!) 😀

    S. Le – ‘the Internet is TV with benefits’ – I never thought of that…correctomundo amigo!

  8. Computers are a fad.
    I would be quite happy being computer free for the rest of my life: everything you need to know is in your noggin’ … or it isn’t … the answers are only a plane ticket away … or maybe a bus ticket if you’re unlucky.

    • planetross – Instead of holding all this information on a computer, they should invent something where you write the words yourself onto some kind of writing surface. Far better than computers.

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