An Ongoing List

Drivers who don’t indicate.  Pigeons.  Liars.  Massive overdrafts.  Silly pathetic females.  Claire Balding.  Blisters.  Lateness.  Bills.  Ironing.  Self-proclaimed tough men.  Margaret fucking Thatcher.  Bailiffs knocking on your door.  Debt.  Manufactured bands.  Twitter.  Cheaters.  Racists.  Tabloid newspapers.  Making noises while you eat.  Smackheads.  Teenagers using knives and guns.  Anyone using knives and guns.  ‘Celebrity’ anything.  The BNP.  Marmite.  Having no bread left.  Big Brother.  Walking behind slow people.  Forgetting your keys.  Bank charges.  Skinny jeans.  T-shirt and scarf wearers.  Being skint.  Not speaking up.  Manbags.  Smoking.  Fake tan & sunbeds.  Fancy dress.  “I can’t be arsed”.  Cats.  The cost of getting to Australia.  Plum tomatoes.  Throwing stuff at concerts.  8am.  People with massive ego’s.  Punctures.  Trying to get a doctors appointment.  Trying to get a dentist appointment.  “you need root canal treatment”.  90% of television.  Facebook.  Ticket Touts.  Waiting for people.  Buying jeans.  Night buses.  No internet connection.  Splashback.  Smug people.  Smug people on University Challenge.  Ignorant people.  Cancer.  Being stabbed.  Constant insomnia.  Mates who don’t go out anymore.  Staying in.  Spiders.  Rice Pudding.  Private/Unknown numbers.

Being a cynical bastard.


12 thoughts on “An Ongoing List

    • Strangely, quite a few of the things on your list are some of my favourite things… might do my cynical b*stard post as well…

  1. “Being stabbed” is okay … when “Being stabbed repeatedly” is the alternative. You have to look on the brightside man! “Root Canal in Venice” could be worse.

    I have problems with the “smoking” one, but possibly only for a short while. hee hee cough cough.

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