Someone has done their job properly

Remember all my bank shenanigans a few months ago?  Well it seems that some bank monkey has been doing their job properly.  They’ve discovered that I had an extra £462 incorrectly credited to my account and have taken it back off me.  It left my account on Friday.

It’s only taken them 3 months.  Wankers.

I had a feeling someone would find it, I’m never that lucky. 

Ah well, I lived the high life while it lasted, it also came in useful as it got me through 2 festivals without me having to worry about my spending too much.

If anyone would like to credit my account with money and not ask for it back, you’re more than welcome to…


7 thoughts on “Someone has done their job properly

  1. You should so report the bank for what appears to be an illegal Money laundering scam. They have obviously been hiding their money in your bank account (OK yours and a few other thousand unsuspecting patsies). Coincidence that they raid your bank and suddenly post huge profits – I don’t think so….

    Did they let you know that they were taking it out. I have visions of you, like Will smith in “Pursuit of Happyness”, left destitute after they just took the money out of youraccount…I can see you wandering the streets with your empty beer glass to support, do you leave it in beer-care while you spend the days looking for work? (I never worked out how Will managed top afford day care for his kid when he had no money?)

  2. I sent a cheque to the county council I owe money to last week. I can’t wait until they cash it so I can stop worrying about how much I’m spending and whether they’ve taken it out yet or not. Buggers.

  3. BlackLOG – I got a letter whilst I was away to tell me it was coming out. It still came out 2 weeks later than they said it would though.

    I’ve been sat outside the train station all day with a cardboard sign and a dog attached to a piece of string for a lead. I got 43p and a half eaten Mars bar.

    Jo – It’s an absolute pain, I know. I struggle to work out what is mine and what isn’t especially with direct debits all over the shop. Incompetent gits.

    Smidge – I tried to complain, but I’d just been paid when I phoned them and there was enough money to cover it in my bank. They weren’t interested ‘it wasn’t yours in the first place, you have enough in your account to cover this repayment when it’s due to leave your account…yadda yadda’. I tried 😀


  4. daylight robbery! Literally. You should at least get a free book token or something for being a good citizen and not taking the money, changing your name and moving to monte carlo.

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