Benicassim 2009

Benicassim Festival turned out to be rather good – even if half of Friday night got cancelled.  On the whole though, another excellent festival.

Initially I was worried about going alone but my ‘worries’ were unfounded. There wasn’t one bit of it where I was bored off my head or wished I was elsewhere.  I think I needed that break away – I feel ten times better than before, but as per normal after a holiday, I don’t want to be here.

some fort thing My hotel was in the centre of town, (cheap, basic and clean) right on the beach – perfect location -  I didn’t need to go anywhere else.  My mates accommodation however turned out to be miles away (an hours walk at least and just a hassle to get to bus wise).  So most of the daytime I spent on my own or joining other groups of people – then meeting up with the others at the festival site.

Music wise, I wasn’t too impressed with Oasis, the sound was shite again – even though we were right in front of the sound stage.  They had two power cuts but the crowd just carried on singing until the end of the songs.  Glasvegas were alright again though.

However on Friday the main stage was cancelled.  Paul Weller came on about 9.30pm, but he had to go off about 10pm because of a fire next to the site.  There was also madly strong winds blowing bits of the stage apart since the start and now causing problems with the fire – it’s a good job the wind was blowing the firlitre cervezae away from the festival site though.  So we waited and waited, announcement after announcement until about 1am they pulled the plug and said that no one would be playing that night.  So, no Weller, no Maximo Park, no Kings of Leon – was a bit gutted about missing Kings of Leon but wasn’t bothered about anyone else.  By that point the boredom had driven me to drink (honest) so I wasn’t too bothered and we still had a good night.  Even if I did manage to fall over on the way home – managing a full forward ‘gymnastic’ roll down a ditch – I now have war wounds.  More importantly I managed to not spill all of my drink for the walk home.  Battered and bruised…but I saved the important stuff!

The Killers On Saturday Lily Allen had pulled out, so Maximo Park played instead – they were shite to be honest.  Elbow, Franz Ferdinand and 2ManyDJ’s played well into the early hours – a brilliant night.  Only surpassed by The Killers on Sunday when I managed to get about 10/20 people from the front – as close as I’ve ever been at a gig/festival and they were definitely my highlight.

Like a typically Englishman abroad, I’ve managed to come back shredding more skin than a snake.  I blame a certain young lady for laying down next to me on the beach and taking her top off just as I was getting ready to leave…well what’s a man to do?  I know, you’d think I hadn’t seen a pair before, but it has been a while and I did seem to have prime position for naked ladies.  My small talk failed that time and I may have burnt myself, but it seemed a shame to move. Typically male!

no naked ladies here Added to my burning skin dilemma I’d been applying sun lotion and after-sun lotion like a good boy everyday.  It was only when it got to Sunday when I realised my hands were looking a bit brown and dirty (even after washing), that I thought something was amiss.  Upon further inspection, the after-sun lotion was after-sun ‘with a hint of self-tan’. What the fuck is all that about?  What stupid bastard invented that?  Pointless.  Go in the sun all day THEN apply ‘self-tan’…why? So, thanks to that genius, I’ve got bits of blotchy after-sun ‘self-fucking-tan’ over me.  Between the shredding skin and white and tanned patches I’m currently doing a great lookalikey of a cow.  Plus, I’m the only person in the world right now with tanned palms.

My mates – and their mates – are already making plans to go back again next year.  I’m not sure I’d go back again in a hurry to be honest.  I’ve been twice now and whilst it is brilliant  (I’d recommend it to anyone), I think if I was going to a European festival again, I’d just rather go and spread my wings a little to a different one.  Been there, done that, bought the t-shirts.

Muchas gracias Benicassim.

bits of the stage are missing by Saturday


10 thoughts on “Benicassim 2009

  1. Hehe I did have a giggle about the fake tan business. Its for us paleys who don’t tan but like to pretend we do…Or want a tan without actually getting any sun damage 😉

    Have to say, not massively taken by going abroad for a festival, although Sziget in Budapest is very good.

  2. Brennig – More than likely, yes 😉

    Jo – I understand the fake tan thing to an extent (although I don’t like it and some people take it to orange tango extremes)! I’m just confused at it being in after-sun lotion. Why not just leave it as a stand alone fake tan lotion…the mind boggles! Ah well. Although, I was mightily impressed with my patchy bronzed Adonis look *cough*

    I was thinking either Sziget, or Exit in Serbia next year. I have a year to plan 🙂

  3. Sounds like you managed to have a good time even with cancellations, the tumble, and the sunburn. (How can a sunburn be unappealing … when you are pealing?)

  4. It seems that u had nice time…except for the sun burn that is.

    BTW, good u held ur ground on the beach. Sun burns can heal but experiences like these cant be missed…

  5. Apologies. I saw the title and assumed it was the same old post. Oops!

    Sounds like mostly a good time. Tanned palms? Weirdness.

    Strange about the fire and wind as well. Add a bit of Earth and you’d have a group! (though an OLD one)

  6. But surely Maximo Park can’t have been any worse than Lily Allen? personally I would have been so glad to be spared that I wouldn’t have cared who took her place!

    Putting self tan in aftersun does seem a bit odd. Although I used to have cocoa butter aftersun which turned red, burnt sun into something vaguely brown. Even on my stupidly pale and untannable skin, which is quite frankly miraculous.

    • bevchen – I actually don’t mind Lily Allen *cough*

      Aftersun in self-tan seems like a mastermind plan that only Baldrick could come up with – someone out there sat up and took notice though. Fools!

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