Benicassim Festival

I’m off on my holibobs again on Tuesday, this time to Benicassim Festival in Spain (do some clickage here to see the line-up).  If you’ve been reading for a while you might remember me being left in the lurch somewhat by my mates.  We went in 2007 and initially, out of our group, everyone said they were going again this year, then when it got down to the crunch everyone dropped out. 

However I’m still pressing ahead and jumping on that plane on Tuesday morning.  One of my other mates (a different group of mates) is heading over there on Wednesday with his girlfriend 8 of her friends, so I’ll end up meeting them at some point (although from what I can work out they are staying miles away from where I am). 

A few years ago, I definitely wouldn’t have gone abroad on my own and I am a little apprehensive about it as I can be quite shy at times.  However, when I go to a festival, I become more chatty and I’m less self conscious about myself.  After all, at a festival, everyone is there for the same reason and in much the same state as me!  

I’m more excited about going here this year than I was about Glastonbury:

Oasis, Kings of Leon, Weller, Elbow, 2manyDJ’s, Killers…I’m looking forward to every single one of them.  For some odd reason I’ve always wanted to watch Oasis abroad, so I’ll be able to tick that off my list.

My Spanish is up to speed, I obviously don’t need to know much more than:

“hola, uno cerveza por favor, grassyarse.  Adios.”  (‘hello, one beer please, thank you. Bye.’)

In fact, I had it perfected so much last time I was in Spain, I was the only person in our group to who the waiters kept asking me if I was Spanish – I can’t even speak English properly never mind Spanish.  Who’da thunk it! 

I bought the last of my bits and bobs yesterday and changed some money into Euros so, barring the packing, I’m all ready to go.  Just got to wait a couple more days!  

Sun.  Beach.  Music.  Alcohol.  What’s there not to look forward to?!


14 thoughts on “Benicassim Festival

  1. “grassyarse” interesting Spanish!

    The line up of bands sounds fantastic!

    Hope you have a fab time, mates or no.

  2. Cor, makes my solo trip to 2000 Trees pale into insignificance. Fab line up, hope you have a great time. I’ll try not to be jealous as I stand in a field just outside Cheltenham watching British Sea Power 😉

  3. planetross – Thanks I will do my best to!
    I was thinking the friends girlfriends thing doesn’t sound too bad either. I’m not counting my chickens before they’ve hatched though 😉

    Rohan – cheers Rohan

    Michelle – Thanks, I will have fun, I’m looking forward to it 🙂

    S. Le – There will be mates there, my little bit of trepidation is diminishing by the second. Plans have been formulated, they just need executing now 😉

    Bridget – I’m sure British Sea Power will be fantastic and as long as it doesn’t rain it’ll be as good as Spain :p

  4. Well Done that man. When you have plans and everyone lets you down why let it spoil your fun. I went to see the Rolling Stones in 82 after all my school friends dropped out. It was a horrid day in that I don’t think I had a proper conversation with anyone. I got wet and my red leather jacket ran and ruined my blue and white stripe top (my ode to Mick). So although not the best day in my life I still managed to see the Rolling Stones while they could still perform properly and did not have to use incontinent pants to stay on stage for more than 20 minutes.

    I’m sure you will have a great time.

  5. Brennig – Nice review Brennig. I’m seeking out a tutu as I type!

    BlackLOG – That day does sound a bit bad…red leather jacket, what were you thinking?! 😉

    Thinking about it properly, I can’t see myself being on my own much either as I’m still meeting people over there. It’ll all work out fine I’m sure.
    To be honest, at the min, I’m not in the least bit arsed if I do find myself on my own, it adds to the adventure and gets me out of my comfort zone – which can only be a good thing!

    A good time will be had, I can feel it in my bones. (Cue next weeks blog post: “it was shite!” :D)

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