Amazing fruit discoveries

pineappleplant Last year, the very foundation of my life’s knowledge was rocked when I found out that pineapples grew in bushes and not palm trees (why didn’t anybody tell me?).  Twenty nine years I’d been led to believe, through my own ignorance, that they grew in palm trees…my world was turned upside down (even that picture looks like it’s been photo-shopped, it just doesn’t look right). 

Yesterday, my world was again turned upside down, when I expanded my ever growing fruit related encyclopaedic brain.  This time discovering that it’s possible to open a banana from the ‘bottom’.  Apparently this is how our comrades, the monkeys, do it.  It’s just pure genius, I never knew it was possible…I can’t stop watching:

My head is going to implode soon, I’m sure of it.


9 thoughts on “Amazing fruit discoveries

  1. OMG, even worse I now realise I had no idea how a pineapple grew. Just one of those things I’ve never thought about. I hate to think how many times I have seen a monkey peel a banana and never noticed how they did it. Just shows how much of our life is spent with eyes ‘closed’. Crikey, too much thinking for a Sunday off to veg in front of the F1 GP

  2. Well, you learn something new every day.

    I want someone to invent a way to peel an orange without getting orange stains under your nails. And a way that gets all the white bits off.

  3. PS. When you open a banana normally, don’t you just snap the top bit and peel it down? Or do americans have super tough bananas that require teeth and knives etc?

  4. Dennis – You already knew? I bow to your superior knowledge…
    Unless someone has no fingers, I can’t believe anyone needs a knife to open a banana.

    Bridget – Coconuts don’t grow in trees either 😉

    Jo – When I seen this I actually spent a good 10 minutes trying to find the secrets of peeling an orange. I avoid buying oranges because they are a pain to peel, but alas, it seems we were meant to stuggle with oranges.

    The banana thing, I admit I’ve slightly stuggled on occasion to open a banana, but I’ve never ever needed to use my teeth or a knife. That guy is taking the piss a little bit!

  5. I didn’t know about the pineapple thing till I was 41 and strolling by a pineapple field in Brazil. I kept my amazement to my self … pretended to look indifferent.

    I’ll try the banana peeling, but I’m sure I’ll continue to open my bananas from the stem thing: it seems to work okay for me.

  6. Ever since you posted the video re: banana opening, I’ve only opened them from the bottom. It’s so bloody easy that way! Thank you for saving me from further struggles with bananas!

  7. Planetross – But opening from the bottom you may save yourself vital seconds in the banana opening race…

    S. Le – Can you believe, I still haven’t had a banana to try it out on. The expectation and anticipation of trying it is killing me!

  8. What? Pineapples don’t grow on trees?
    I never thought they grew on PALM trees though – that’s coconuts. No, pineapples clearly grow on… umm.. pineapple trees. Yes.

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