All My Warriors

The Prodigy closed Glastonbury Festival by calling the crowd ‘warriors’.  Even though it was my 6th visit to Glastonbury you still have to bloody well train, gather the troops and survuve like a warrior.  It really is hard work enjoying yourself!

I was half thinking about not writing anything about Glastonbury, I can not do it justice at all.  There’s large chunks of time that are just great and provide you with moments, just because you are there with mates and enjoying the freedom of the place.  I lost count the number of times I turned around, looked at everyone and felt my eyes filling up.  If that makes me a big gay homo then so be it!

Needless to say Glastonbury just gets better every year I go.  Overall I didn’t watch as many bands as I have in previous years.  There wasn’t too much that took my fancy during the day – not enough to pull me out of my oven tent and trek down to the stages early doors anyway.

The main lot I seen: Altern-8, Mr Hudson, The Whip, N.E.R.D (amazing but got kicked off stage because they ran over time), Fleet Foxes, Lily Allen, The Specials, Doves, Hockey, Gaslight Anthem, Passion Pit, Kasabian, Springsteen, Tom Jones, Madness, Bon Iver,  Glasvegas and Prodigy.  Then loads of smaller bands on other stages – god knows who they all were.

Gaslight Anthem were very good – I think they are over there in my sidebar somewhere as a newbie band I started listening to about a month ago. 5pm Saturday afternoon in a small tent and Bruce Springsteen came on to do one song with them – which made the tent suddenly fill up beyond belief.

Prodigy stands out though, that performance was just amazing on Sunday night and we managed to get quite close to the front (as close as I’ve ever been to the stage at Glastonbury about 10-20 people back).  They had the bass so loud it was rumbling through the field and up into your body – I hadn’t heard music that loud since the last time I’d seen Prodigy in December!

This year the highlight for me was the Trash City and Shangri-la areas of the site.  These are both located in the far east corner – which can be a good 15-30 minute walk from the main stages (depending on how many people also have the same idea).  Trash City is basically just that…a field made of trash.  An old RAF helicopter lived here and bits of aeroplane were strewn about the place.  I didn’t manage to get into the bars here as it was always too busy.  Shangra-la however was a different matter – this is where the weird and wonderful was.  They had some kind of weird Thailand-esque subway alleyways in the field.  Can’t remember the amount of times I lost my bearings walking through that. But once you walked through there was all kinds of bars, small venues (holding about 10 people) with dancers, bands, singers and ‘clubs’ around every corner and in every doorway.  That then led up to a massive domed tent with a few hundred people raving away in front of a DJ and transvestite acrobats.

Next door to this little city was a massive flame thrower thing, which wouldn’t have looked out of place in Mad Max.  This thing had a DJ located high up in the centre with the balls of fire and smoke coming out from lampposts located around this thing and above it – which had us all bopping away until the sun came up.  Still not ready for bed?  Then we moved onto the Silent Disco – if you’ve never been to one, then basically you can’t hear a thing outside the tent or even inside the tent without a pair of headphones – which you’re given as you go in…you can then continue moving about, like an awkward uncle at a wedding, without disturbing the neighbours.

You only see a snip of the festival on the telly.  If you’ve never been and even have an inch of thought about going – forget what every other festival is like – Glastonbury IS different.  You will not regret it.

The guy out of the Prodigy summed it up all the way through their show shouting:

“All my warriors, right here….If you aren’t here, you aren’t any-fucking-where!”.

How true he was.


9 thoughts on “All My Warriors

  1. It appears you had a grand time. Where are the photos then? None? You’ve no proof of your attendance then! Ha! Good you had such a fun time there and loved it so much you big gay homo you! (lol)

    So how was Tom Jones? Did he sing his new naff song? (does this question go along with the homo comment?)

    I would go just to see the transvestite acrobats!

    Happy you are back.

  2. I’ll get to Glastonbury eventually. It’s on the “to do” list.
    You make it sound it so goooood. … except for the “silent disco” … that just sounds weird and extremely wonderful hopped up on chemicals. hee hee!

  3. I thought the TV coverage was poor this year, or rather the info saying when bands would be shown. You tune in for an hour segment on Franz Ferdinand to find 5mins of Franz and 55mins of utter rubbish you would not want to even sleep through….Sounds like you had a good time. Glad you did not expire in your over hot tent, just as well you are not trained and owned by the Nottingham police…..

  4. S. Le – I’ve got photos but I can’t be bothered putting them up. Plus I posted this when I was in work when I didn’t have access to them.
    Tom Jones was actually very good, just what was needed on a sunny Sunday afternoon!

    planetross – The silent disco is actually quite good. It only gets better hopped up on chemicals 😉 Can’t spend too long in there though, the novelty does wear off.

    Brenning – Unfortunately not, I’m off to Spain a few days after it, that looks a decent line up too. Check out Shortwave Set – I couldn’t raise myself from my slumber last week to go and see them.

    Out of interest what year did you stop going? I’ve never spoke to anyone who went from the start. I’m impressed Mr Jones 🙂

    BlackLOG – I hate that, I found that when I’ve been going through the iplayer stuff (I got bored in the end). Franz Ferdinand looked quite good though surprisingly.

  5. My last one was 2000. The sight of Macy Gray onstage was enough to make me ill. It wasn’t a *bad* gig, but it was uncomfortable. There were so many gate/fence-crashers that it was out of control at times.

    ’01 was cancelled, but I’d moved to Spain by then and the thought of trogging back to Pilton didn’t appeal.

    I used to live in Holcombe and worked on the village school’s PTA stall in the festival for years.

  6. Glad you had a wonderful time, it sounds wonderful. Were Altern-8 wearing their face masks? Bon Iver sounded great live on the TV – wish I had been there to see them.

    I will get there one day… maybe next year. This means I must remember to try and get tickets when they are released.

    • No idea if Altern-8 were wearing facemasks. I was too busy trying to see properly myself to be honest! Plus it was all misty…and stuff :p

      Register for tickets now, you get a reminder when they go on sale (if they keep it like last year – pay £50 deposit in Oct, then full payment due by end of Jan). You know it make sense!

  7. Ooh, thanks for the tip about registering for tickets – all done. Lets see if my photo is approved 🙂

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