I don’t think I’ll get a chance to come on here tomorrow so I’m writing this a day early.  One thing I am certain of is that this time next week I’ll be more than ready to curl up into the foetal position and die a slow, peaceful death.

However before I hit that point, I’m going to live in a field for a week.  A field with 177,000 like-minded folk for the Glastonbury Festival (clicky for line-up).

I first attended in 2003 and, pretending I didn’t have a small tear in my eye leaving the site on the Monday (“shit, I’ve got dust in my eye”), vowed to return every year – and have done.  I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea: camping in a field, no showers (although there are some showers on site), dodgy toilets,  becoming best friends with packets of baby wipes…I’ve never failed to enjoy it, I love the place.  Even surviving the mud fests in 2004 & 2007 when, if it rains bad, the place can resemble something akin to a refugee camp (a fucking brilliant refugee camp though).  Thankfully the forecast is looking good for this week.

Personally I don’t think the line-up is as good as previous years, but there are still some pretty big names playing.  Regardless of who they put on, you could go there, not go near any of the main stages and still have a great time.

Out of the hundreds of acts I’m only definitely making sure I see: Doves, Kasabian, Fleet Foxes, Altern-8, Prodigy, Bon Iver and probably Bruce Springsteen – that’s all I’m going to plan for.  It’s not worth making plans to see much more because I know I won’t make it.  I normally find myself watching obscure music somewhere, whether it be stumbling into the Hare Krishna tent and bopping to their beats for a while, or transfixed by didgeridoo techno/trance (trust me on this…it was brilliant at the time!), there’s always something going on somewhere.

At approximately 9/10am Wednesday morning, tent set up and full of excitement of what’s ahead, I’ll be cracking open my first can of lager.

I won’t be a pretty sight this time next week, but there is a lot of revelry and debauchery to fit in between now and then…

I can’t bloody wait.


10 thoughts on “Glastonbury

  1. I haven’t made it yet, was talking to a mate about checking it out next year. Don’t really mind getting all mucky and dirty n that…well, as long as I’ve got some semblance of a tent to go back to at the end of it 😉

  2. Yes, don’t forget the wipes! Hope you have fun and come back mostly alive with fantastic memories. Although, like Woodstock, if you say you remember Woodstock, you weren’t there! Cheers!

  3. Jo – Seems like you don’t even need convincing…marvelous! I’d go mad if I didn’t make it one year.
    Even surviving the great Noah floods, I’m yet to lose a tent 🙂

    S. Le – I’ll be mostly half dead and probably not remember a thing 😉

  4. I’m most jealous but I’m not sure I could stomach the no-showers and dodgy toilets. It does mean that there is some fab music to watch on TV though!

  5. I would go at the drop of a hat but Mrs B is not a fan – I have managed to drag her to V for the last three years only because it is only a 45 min drive to home (as a none drinker this is not as bad as it sounds. Although I don’t knowe how people manage to get drunk at V, it takes so long to get served. Mrs B managed 1 pint for the whole weekend and refused to queue again – waste of vouchers that was). She is happy to sleep in her own bed and attend each day so we both get what we want…..Have a great time.

    • Tammy – Yep, I had fun and was safe, thanks!
      I didn’t watch Echo and the Bunnymen so I’m not sure what they were like. Might be going to see them in December though!

      Michelle – it’s easy to get used to, it’s made out to be worse than it is. Maybe I got lucky, but I didn’t encounter one dodgy toilet in 6 days surprisingly. Hope it looked as good on TV as it was being there.

      BlackLOG – Cheers I did have a great time. You might want to try convincing Mrs B again though. The bars are nothing like what they are at V/Leeds etc. They don’t use that stupid token system, you just pay cash at one of the 20 odd bars. The longest I queued in 6 days was about 10 minutes (and that was only because half the site headed over to the same area to see the first band of the week – Maximo Park – first). ALSO – you can take your own alcohol…and take as much as you want (no glass allowed though). There is no ‘arena’ as such like at other festivals, once you are in the gates you’re in and are free to go anywhere you want.

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