Internet cold turkey

For the past couple of months my internet activity in work has been limited by the IT monkeys putting in a new swish server – which blocked anything and everything which wasn’t work related.  I wasn’t too fussed at first, i still have access to Gmail, Google Reader and a few forums I go on.

I was more concerned with the fact they had an easier and more robust system for identifying which sites people visited and when etc.  For example, even though this place wasn’t blocked, I’ve since avoided logging in from work through fear of someone finding it.  I doubt they go through the internet logs with a fine tooth comb but I’m not chancing it. 

The paranoid monkeys think they have all the power by disabling all the internet settings in Internet Explorer and restricted any downloading. 

However, this cunning gimp, recently discovered that using Firefox (which I’d downloaded on my work machine donkeys ago),  I have full access to disable the internet proxy setting and thereby give me full, unrestricted internet access. 

Go Team Scribble!

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they notice internet traffic (me), not going through their fortknoxedparanoidserverproxymachine. 

I just can’t stop myself though.  Access to the forbidden fruit and all that…

It’s like someone not allowing you in the pub, but giving you a glass of coke outside and allowing you watch them drink alcohol through the window (ok, it’s not that bad but you get the jist/gist (I cant be bothered looking up the correct spelling)).  But I can’t go back to 1998 and spend my time on Solitaire or Minesweeper.  And, god forbid, I can’t spend 8/9 hours a day actually doing ‘work’.  That would just be mental.

I wonder how long it’ll be before I get my hands slapped…


10 thoughts on “Internet cold turkey

  1. Try having a work computer with

    a) no internet
    b) no solitaire
    c) no minesweeper
    d) no pinball / anything else

    – That’s basically why I left my last job. The days were oh so quiet without internet to waste time on..

  2. Are you telling me people actually spend their day at work working? That doesn’t sound very productive to me….

    I definitely live in a different world to you scribble, You might be stuck outside the pub with my coke. I’m stuck inside the pub with your beer – Do you want to trade –
    P.S. It had better be real coke not that light crap….

  3. Jo – I reckon I’d go mad if I had to go back to them days. I’ve no idea how people coped…

    BlackLOG – Unfortunately some people do have to work at work. The world has gone mad I tells ya…

    Only the real thing for you BlackLOG *does cheesy model-esque ‘finger pointing with weird grin’ thing*

  4. Yeah!

    At work the computer is so full of viruses and mangey it’s not worth using. Everyone else’s computer is awesome … just not ours.
    I just play solitaire, read books, and harass people instead.

  5. They must have the same fortknoxedparanoidserverproxymachine where I work too. I have no access to anything but work stuff on my ancient piece of junk either. Everything interesting on the internett gets a “site blocked” message

  6. Jaggy – good thinking Batman, I hadn’t even thought of Chrome.

    Tony – Yeh we get that message too. They were tinkering with the filters when I went off last week. Hopefully it won’t be like Fort Knox when I go back tomorrow.

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