14 more sleeps

I keep going through little fits and starts with this blog.  One minute I have blog diarrhoea, the next it’s zippity zip all for a few weeks.

However it’s just 14 more sleeps until Glastonbury Festival is upon me again. I still have to buy some bits and bobs to take with me but thankfully no major purchases are needed this year (tent, sleeping bag etc).  Up until this week I haven’t been bothered that it’s coming up, but my excitement levels are starting to peak now.

Every year the BBC have had a webcam up and running leading up to the festival.  So yesterday I sat and watched (via lot’s of page refreshes) the first beer tent going up.  You know the festival is soon when activity starts on the site.  Sad I know, but I think I’ve seen that beer tent get erected (via webcam) for about the past 3/4 years.  (I won’t mention the fact that I got a small bit of excitement seeing pictures of the bins getting painted on the official site)!  It’s the simple things in life which keep me amused and excited.

I’ve also been trying to find some new music to listen to.  I’ve found a couple of bands which seem to sound alright (I’ve listed some of them over there on the right somewhere), but there seems to be a lack of new bands coming through. Most of the new stuff seems to have 80’s synthesiser crap all over them.  No doubt I’ll find someone good in about 3 months time, only to then discover they played a great set at Glastonbury – ala last year with MGMT and 3/4 years ago with The Killers.  Anyone found any good new bands lately?  I’m not up to speed with the cool kidz these days…

I can’t think of anything else to spurt out so this was mainly just a post for blogging sake.  I could bore you all with how I’m going through a very bad phase of not sleeping again (about 10 hours disturbed sleep in total for the past 3 days – go me), but that’s not very exciting.  What’s more exciting is this video I found on my travels:  How to dice an onion.  You can thank me later…


11 thoughts on “14 more sleeps

  1. Just had a look up at the line up -16 stages, how do you work out what you want to Listen to – I would need a tardis or one of those time gizmos that Hermione Granger uses in Harry Potter. I though V was bad

    The newish groups that I like at the moment

    Fleet foxes – not sure if it’s them or the Foxboro Hot Tubs that I really like – I think it might be the Hot TuBs (too much music to keep up with it all)

    Noisettes – only heard the album, might be a bit poppy for you

    Golden Silvers – Saw them recently supporting Florence. I like the album but not 100% convinced life, the lead is very laid back which is worth watching

    Team water polo – Only released 4 track but they are corkers – Might be a bit synthy for you, great voice and lyrics though

    Official secrets act – Played (sorry headlined) the Bishops Stortford main tent – Really rate them

  2. Is it just me or is the world filled with band revivals at the moment? I was rather horrified that Spandau Ballet are returning. Why???? I didn’t like them the first time round, they can’t have improved with age.

  3. Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep: that sucks.

    I’d give you a rundown on what I’m listening to, but you’d probably just laugh.

    If you meet Graham from Bournemouth, say hi from me.

  4. On the sleep front you could try clenching the muscles in you feet and then relaxing. Do this a number of times and then work your way up your body tightening and loosening the muscles. I’m not sure how well it works as I generally fall asleep before I make it halfway….

  5. Where did the video go? I can’t see it.

    You need more excitement in your life. Although if you really love your beer, watching them erect a beer tent could be exciting… I suppose.

    Are you getting enough physical exertion in your day? Perhaps you aren’t tired enough. Sound like your Mum?

    You should Twitter from the Festival!

    • BlackLOG – There are more stages than what is listed too, I counted 21 stages for the Saturday (and that doesn’t include anything going on in the circus/comedy/cinema tents). It’s the festival of festivals, you should go one year. It puts V to shame 😉
      I just pick out a handful of bands I want to see and make sure I see them. Anything else just depends where you are on the site and at what time. I’ve missed bands I definitely wanted to see just because I was miles away from the stage I needed to be at. At Glastonbury the best laid plans never happen so as a rule, don’t make plans!

      Thanks for the recommendations. I love Fleet Foxes (one of my must sees at Glastonbury), heard lots about Golden Silvers but I reckon the hype precedes them – even though I haven’t heard a song yet! I’ll put them all on my wheels of steel later and see what I think.

      I’ve tried that muscle/sleep thing in the past…always got bored though (attention span of a gnat). Suppose I should try it properly and it might actually work.

      Welsh Girl – Yep there are lots of revivals going on at the minute and lots of 80’s revivals at that. I’m not liking it one bit. Although I have to admit, up until I was about 10 I did used to like Spandau ballet. Shame. My ears still haven’t recovered, although you can’t beat a bit of drunken “GOLD! aahhhh….”

      planetross – I go through phases of not sleep regularly, I’m kinda used to it, it’s just frustrating rather than tiring me out.
      Let’s hear your recommendations then, promise I won’t laugh (unless it’s a teen boy band). I’m always searching for new stuff?

      S. Le – Hi Mum!
      Not sure why that wasn’t working, it was last night. I’ve linked the video again and put it in the post. Onion cutting will never be the same again…

      I’m probably not getting enough physical exertion, but I think I’m just a dodgy sleeper. In the past I’ve proper tired myself out and still lay awake most of the night. I always go through these phases, doesn’t really affect me apart from frustration when I’m laying awake. I think I just don’t need all that much sleep.

      No twittering from the festival. Festival time is for music, drinking and mates! Let alone the fact it’ll cost me an arm and a leg to go on the interweb on my phone.

  6. To think that was because of Glastonbury last year that I found your blog *big ahhhs from the back*. I can’t wait to watch it again on TV this year. Maybe next year I will go – in a camper van though!

    My taste in music is all over the place at the moment but if you are after some folky stuff I would say go and see Bon Iver and maybe M. Ward.

    I’m also in to Little Boots at the moment and Bat for Lashes are a bit quirky. If I was going I would go and see Altern-8 in the dance tent as I saw them live back in the ye ole rave days – I wonder if they are still wearing their facemasks 🙂

    My main question of the day for you is: are you going to see ‘the Quo’ on the Sunday?

    • Michelle – Bon Iver is on my must see list for Glastonbury. Haven’t heard of M. Ward but I’ll have a listen tonight. Can’t really get into Bat for Lashes or Little Boots though.

      Good call on Altern-8, I didn’t even notice they were playing until you mentioned it. Thats Thursday night sorted…

      The Quo – honestly, I’m not sure. Depends if I’m anywhere near the Pyramid stage at the time – if it’s sunny it’ll be a good laugh watching them. I will definately be watching Tom Jones though!

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