Mini Travelling Adventure

I was in that there Londinium over the weekend.  I’ve never really been out and about in London – apart from when I’ve been to football matches – which mostly comprised of being herded like cattle off and on coaches outside a football ground – so even though I’ve been to London loads of times, I’ve never really seen any of it apart from out of a window.  This time we travelled down by train on Friday and had a little drinking adventure around London Bridge.  This may sound stupid, but even though I live in a fairly big city, I was still surprised at just how many people there was milling about.  Even at 2pm on Friday afternoon there was just loads of people everywhere.  Sky News even ran a breaking news headline to commemorate the occasion: "Shocking News: We Can Confirm Loads of People Live In London".

First mistake I made was trying to meet up with mates and not realising there was a London Bridge and a Tower Bridge. Well done me.  I still didn’t get to see much of London apart from the inside of pubs/bars (as per usual) and our planned adventure to Covent Garden didn’t materialise either.  However, I did see Tower Bridge for the first time ever in real life – which omitted a "woooo there’s that bridge" sound from my mouth. 

After copious amounts of alcohol on the way back to our apartment, my sense of direction was lost and we ended up walking in a big massive square.  Deciding that walking around London at 2am in the morning was not the best thing for us to be doing we jumped a taxi (not literally) instead to head back to our apartment for more debauchery.  Even though we were only a few hundred yards away I doubt I would’ve found it anyway.  The cab cost us a massive £3, I think we were in it for about 30 seconds.  I blamed the dark. 

Saturday morning we missed breakfast because of our previous nights over indulging and so I settled for a cheeseburger to set me up for the day.  Now, the cheeseburger I ordered from some place by Borough Market arrived looking nothing like a burger, more kebab-like…and was in a baguette. I’ll give you a second to be as agog as I was (and still am). Yes, a burger in a baguette. Not even a soft one, it was one of them hard baguette you could play cricket or baseball with.  The absolute horrors.  As soon as you get a ‘burger’ in a baguette you know there’s going to be problems. I think I managed half of it out of necessity, but mark my words, I’ll be writing letters of complaint to the food police.

Saturday nights journey home was mostly uneventful.  Although we did bunk into first class on the train.  Never one to miss an opportunity, I borrowed the water in the fridge by our seats.  I’m going to hell I know – but, it was an alcohol free train and half the journey was spent hiding alcohol from the Transport Police – so it was compensation for missed VDT (valuable drinking time). 

Little did I know that water was free anyway (I am redeemed), there was even free salted crisps in the buffet car for people in first class.  Who’da thunk it?  Sigh.  Serves me right for travelling as a pleb for most of my life.  I’d be more impressed if they gave free roast/steak dinners, alcohol, drugs and maybe a cabaret show to go with it.  Oh, there was free internet…but my phone had died by that time so that freebie was rendered useless.  In short, we need more freebies on trains, sort it out train people of the world.


11 thoughts on “Mini Travelling Adventure

  1. Had a grand day out did ya? Ha!

    The taxi ride was hilarious.

    I want to see the Tower bridge in person as well. *sigh*

    Travesty of burgerdom! You must absolutely report them!

    If your phone had worked you could have Twittered and blogged your adventure whilst nicking free water and snacks.

    LOL loved the write up.

  2. When i read the title I was curious to see if you had had an adventure in a Mini Cooper… However Londinium adventures sound much more exciting, though I am now worried that you are an american due to the classic bridge confusion (London bridge is the one that was bought by the american gazillionaire, who thought he was buying Tower Bridge….)

  3. S. Le – ‘More cheese Gromit’
    I’m still agog at burgergate to be honest, a baguette will never be same to me again.

    Glad you liked the write up, cheers 🙂

    Welsh Girl – I know, I’m even ashamed at myself for my schoolboy error. I did know that there was two and the sale to the american (honest guv), it just never entered my head at the time when we made plans. I’ll walk around with a big placard saying ‘Tourist’ on it next time!

  4. I love spending time in London doing non working things, during the week if I’m there I never have time to appreciate all the things it offers.

    I’d have likely dropped by baguette burger in the floor in horror.

  5. Buying a burger near Borough Market is the main reason for the baguette issue. Borough Market is one of those foody places where everyone is trying to be ‘posh’.

    Anyhow, glad you had a good time in London – I get to see Tower Bridge everyday while I walk to the tube station so I’m quite blasé about it *smug Londoner* 🙂

  6. Perpetual – Same here, although I’d like to go without a football match sandwiched inbetween the visit. It kinda skews plans a bit!

    Baguette solidarity, I like it.

    bevchen – my mates seemed to enjoy my comment too. It formed 30 mins of ridicule anyway…simple things… 🙂

    Michelle – I didn’t realise it was a posh place, I didn’t venture too deep into the market though, definitely not the place for me then. I’ll be sure to find a greasy spoon next time!

    Seeing it once was enough, it’s rubbish 😉

  7. SC So you came down to the big smoke and did not say hello. After all these months of knowing each other, I’m deeply hurt.

    I’m with Welsh girl on the bridge front, you are turning into a ‘septic’* it must be your soft northern living, all that “being within walking distance of music venues for gods sake, it has left you weak….I’m impressed you went south of the river, something I try and avoid at all costs….

    I managed a shorter taxi journey in Tunisia. I got in one side the Akmehed asked me where I was going and I shouted back as him as I dived out the opposite door “Out the other side”. He was not impressed and chased me for a bout a mile before he gave up, no sense of humour these Tunisian Taxi drivers….

    *Septic tank**

    ** A bit of Cockney for you do I have to spell it out – ‘Yank’

    • BlackLOG – Treat them mean, keep them keen…

      I just had a momentary lapse of concentration with the bridge thing, but my knowledge of London is not the best non existent to be honest, but I think I managed to not walk around mouth agap. I have no idea what the difference is between the north/south side of the river (apart from the obvious). Is it best to stay north of the river then? Or is the north side where all the good stuff is? Yours, Clueless of the north…

      Maybe next time you should tell the driver a joke before making your exit. Can’t understand why he’d chase you though if you only got in and then out. Madness!

  8. The first time I went to London, it was great to see all the stuff that’s been mentioned in songs and historical places mentioned in history classes.
    It was embarassing asking where “Lester Square” was and someone pointing to the “Leicester Square” sign behind us.
    … I have problems with Worcestershire sauce too.

    • planetross – You get about Mr Ross, are you leading a secret double life?
      I live in the same country and I still haven’t seen all the historic stuff in London, these are sad (lazy) times. There are some weird spellings in this country I’ll give you that!

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