Cake or Biscuit

Just been reading the BBC News site about Proctor & Gamble losing their court case regarding the classification of Pringles.  They argued that Pringles are not a potato snack, but more like a cake or a biscuit, because they are manufactured from dough.

Pringles…a cake or a biscuit?  hahaha someone was trying to pull a fast one there.  Nice try, but they ARE potato based snacks = crisps.  End of story.

Which brings me onto the humble Jaffa Cake. 

For years this debate has rumbled on, men have argued, blood has been shed and lives lost over the humble Jaffa Cakes’ status. 

Is it a biscuit? Or is the clue in the name – is it cake?   Cake, biscuit? Biscuit, cake?  Nobody knows.

They are packed like biscuits; sold with biscuits; can be dunked in tea like biscuits; can be devoured in 3 separate stages (lick/pick the chocolate off, eat the jelly, eat the sponge) like biscuits.  Yet they are classed as cakes.

I don’t care what the suits say, I say biscuit.  What say you?



20 thoughts on “Cake or Biscuit

  1. That was the most entertaining monolouge about a snack food I’ve ever read in my entire life. That, and Jaffa Cakes sound tasty as heck. Like a cross between a Fig Newton and Zebra Cake.

    Mmm. Zebra Cake. :P~~~

  2. 100% biscakecuit 200% delish

    If only Maria Antoinette was around she could have given the definitive answer being a bit of an expert on the subject. I can’t remember anyone else putting their head on the line over cake. True Dead-ication.

    As for Zebra cake is the case as Back and white as it sounds….

    Word of warning, before you go down the make Jaffa cakes a biscuits route the price will leap 17.5% (or is it still 15%) as cakes do not attract VAT in the UK. Probably something to do with John Prescott…..

  3. Gosh! 3 new posts in a row!

    1. Happy you got your money back.
    2. Sorry about the car.
    3. Pringles are crisps and it says so on their packet.
    4. I’d say biscuits. I’d like one now please.

  4. angelicdirt – Hi! Jaffa Cakes are bloody lovely. Seek them out if you can. Although that zebra cake looks nice too (I googled it)

    bluesoup – great minds think alike soupy..

    BlackLOG – I’m continually amazed how bad your jokes keep getting, but I like them… 10/10!
    I did think the reason they are called cakes is because of the VAT thing, but for purposes of this scientific research that is null and void!
    I suspect Mr Prescott’s love of Jaffa Cakes caused him to buy two toilet seats…

    S. Le – 3 posts in 2 days, I know, I’m spoiling everyone! And another great mind thinks alike 🙂

    Perpetual – I haven’t had any for ages. If it wasn’t raining I probably would’ve gone to buy some. Damn you wet stuff!

    Smidge – booooo! Technically I know you’re correct. BUT (and I’m scraping the barrel here)…if you dunk it in tea, it goes soft…so it’s a biscuit 😉

    blue soup – that persons updates are protected. However I now have my fingers in my ears and refuse to listen to any rational argument “tra la la la la la la” 😉

    Go Team Biscuit!

  5. I dunno, to me they look like cookies, but I’m an American so I shouldn’t get to vote anyway … we don’t even have things called crisps here. (We have Crips, but that’s something completely different.)

  6. I might get shot down here *runs and ducks for cover* but they are cakes and little ones at that!

    Now that Zebra cake looks interesting…

  7. I’m definatly aiming for quantity over quality. Less chance of being ganged up on by irate comics, who think you are trying to muscle in on their territory…. I think the removal of my funny bone has a lot to do with it as well.

    I can hear the silence and see the tumbleweed……

    I’ll get my coat….

  8. you bastard now i really want a biscuit. or a cake. i don’t care which just PUT THE SUGAR IN MY VEINS.

    Aaaaannnyway, the secret of this is:
    when biscuits get old, they go soft. when cakes get old, they go stale.

    therefore, if Jaffacakes go stale (although this has never happened in my presence as they don’t last long enough) then they are a cake.

    I just wrote all that and then realised that Smidge had said exactly the same thing, so just ignore me.

    Apparently the reason the Jaffa cakes war has rumbled on for so long is because chocolate-covered biscuits are considered a luxury item and therefore have VAT charges on them. cakes and ordinary biscuits, however, are considered a necessity and have no VAT charges. Therefore it is in everyone’s interest for Jaffa cakes to be considered a cake, as they will be 15% cheaper.

    *checks other comments again*

    Fuck, BlackLOG also said that already.

    I’m slinking off now to post unoriginal comments on someone else’s blog while I should be working xxx

  9. Dennis – everyone gets a vote. Cookie = biscuit. I wonder if the person who named Crips actually meant Crisps…but they had a speech impediment?

    Michelle – I had you down for a ‘biscuit’ cert as well. I’m disappointed 🙂 But you’re right, I also need to get involved with Zebra cake soon.

    BlackLOG – Quite a few ‘comedians’ had their funny bone removed years ago (or never had one) and get along splendidly. There’s a Christmas cracker factory out there waiting for you somewhere…

    Blueskies – Unoriginal comments are far superior to no comments at all. You have scored a high 10/10 on the commentor o’scale 😉

    Jo – I STILL haven’t bought any either. I can’t even remember the last time I had one. This will be rectified over the weekend.

    Jaffa Cakes are immense chocolately, spongey, jelly goodness.

  10. Do people actually go to court over whether their product is a cake or biscuit? It seems almost too trivial, but …
    … if they were passing out samples to the jury, I’m in!!! … maybe there is a “chip dip/spread” ruling close by … and then oh boy!!!!

  11. Nice new banner.

    Doing 3 posts in close succession does not excuse you from blogging! More updates are demanded!

  12. Eeek was I meant to notice the new banner?

    I’m guessing that it was the three bogs in two days, that did for you. Sounds like a clear case of Bloggers Burn, which is exactly like Joggers nipple but not involving jogging or nipples.

    Remedy :- Put on loads of Vaseline and don’t wear acrylic tops…..oops sorry that’s for the nipple thing…..

    • BlackLOG – nah, I only put it up there a week ago I think. I don’t pay much attention to stuff like that either, I just got a wave of bordom last week!

      Brings back bad memories of playing football all day and going home with very sore nips from football tops. G’ah!

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