Final bank post (I hope)

So, my bank has credited back the money I lost a few weeks ago.  It’s all gone quite smoothly surprisingly.  Money has been returned and forms have been signed.  There is still one thing that has crept up:

I was wondering why I hadn’t been charged for missed direct debits – or indeed why any bills hadn’t been refused.  It turns out that 1 day after one of the betting websites took my money I have an ‘ACCOUNT ADJUSTMENT AT ATM’ credit for exactly the same amount.  That’s all my statement says.

As far as I can tell, that means someone has put money into my account at a cash machine?  Because 2 days after that (3 days after the initial website withdrawal) the bank have credited back the money of the website withdrawal.  So where/who has this additional Account Adjustment come from? 

It doesn’t seem like it’s from the bank because both the disputed transactions are listed as credited ‘reversals’.  Another odd thing is that one reversal is £1.53 more than what it should be. It’s not like the bank to do stuff like that normally.  To cut a long story short I’ve gained an additional £462 through this account adjustment thing and someone robbing my money.  Not a bad return!  I’m almost willing it to happen again. 

I’m sure if it’s the banks error they’ll find it soon enough, but for now (and if they ask me) I’m playing dumb.  I won’t be the one querying where it came from. 

We’ll put that down as compensation for stress and having to deal with banking monkeys on the phone.

It’s also covered my spending money for Glastonbury Festival next month! Whoo Hoo!


10 thoughts on “Final bank post (I hope)

  1. Sounds like the dream scenario. Your money has been stolen by dumb thieves (i.e the winnings get credited to your account) who are fortunately good at betting. Just as well it was not MP’s, I suspect the return on moat cleaning and tennis court repairs in not good……

  2. At least for the moment something good has come your way. Maybe the cursed streak has finally gone. I like the idea by BlackLOG that the dumb thieves put their winnings in to your account – classic!

  3. BlackLOG & Michelle – It does seem like the stupid gits have put money back into my account. I don’t think it’s winnings, because exactly the same amount withdrawn – was was credited back in – unless they had a change of heart! I’m not complaining anyway 🙂

  4. It just occurred to me you must have been ripped off by MPs. Who else at the moment are desperately attempting to pay back proceeds of recent crime before it gets announced in the Telegraph…..

  5. BlackLOG – Maybe it’s the MP’s putting back their expenses into random bank accounts!

    Welsh Girl – I’ll put you in the undecided corner then 😉

    Blue Soup – Thanks for the link, I did read about that yesterday. How good would that be? I’m not sure of the logistics of withdrawing a gazillion quid but it’d still be immense!

  6. right shoulder monkey: “You lucky lucky bastard! That’s a lot of dosh!”

    left shoulder monkey: “The banks going to catch on to this … and then they will think bad thoughts of you.”

    • planetross – yep I know. I’m not holding my breath that I’ll get to keep it, but you never know, stranger things have happened. They will get it back at £1 per week if they ask for it back!

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