Don’t forget ya handbrake

Got home tonight, parked as normal outside my house.  Some woman was parking her car in front of mine as I activated the alarm on my car.  I was aware she’d legged it off to wherever she was going and I crossed over to my house.

Just as I was about to put my key in the front door I heard the sound of two cars hitting each other.  I turned around but didn’t see a crash.  What I did see was that the woman’s car had rolled and bashed into mine.  The stupid mere hadn’t put her handbrake on.

*turn engine off, let go of pedals, wheeeeeeeeee, car rolls away*.

Well done woman.

In all fairness, apart from showing herself up as being stupid, she looked a bit petrified as I checked my car.  Thankfully there was no damage and she thanked me for being very understanding.  I definitely need an angry streak.

I think I got off with a lucky escape in all honesty.  If I was 5 seconds slower crossing the road I would’ve been squished in-between the two cars and died a slow horrible death.    Well, maybe not, but I would’ve had sore legs for a few days.



13 thoughts on “Don’t forget ya handbrake

    • Not long after I passed my test, I parked on a petrol station forecourt while I ran in to get some cigs. While I was standing in the queue, I could hear horns beeping and a large queue of traffic forming in the main road inside, it took me almost a minute to realise it was my car that had rolled off the forecourt and into the road, stopping right in the middle of it’s own accord. A very sheepish me retrieved my car and purchased the cigs elsewhere.

  1. “I heard the sound of two cars hitting each other” That Sounds like a car fight to me…..

    My best bit of driving* was a 180 degree spin in a snow storm driving out of Denver. I was halfway up the side of a lorry when it decided to pull out on me. I hit the breaks and ended facing the wrong way in the middle of the interstate. Took me ages to turn the car around, as those nice Yanks would not stop just kept going either side of me, from above it probably looked like a Busby Berkeley movie….

    * I don’t count the time I did a 360+ spin and managed to miss the car in front, which was less than 4 feet away. The reason I don’t count this is I was stationary at the time so the credit has to go to the white van man who failed to notice, until the last second, that the cars ahead were in a Queue. Doing 70 and swerving at the last moment meant my car acted like a snooker ball being screwed into the far pocket. I just count myself lucky that the car was written off, I had never liked it……

    • I bet you coloured your y-fronts that day!

      i had a very near crash doing the same. Although I was the idiot screaming into the queue. Luckily enough I managed to swerve and somehow get into the next lane without hitting anyone. I very nearly shit my pants.

    • people who don’t use their handbrakes are very stupid. Unless they have a new fangled automatic whereby the ‘handbrake’ is some weird stick by the steering wheel. Took me an age to figure that out (I had to phone a mate for instructions) and move the car I was picking up.

  2. I never get the whole leaving the handbrake off thing. Its not something that I’ve ever forgotten to do. It’s a staple of parking. How do people forget?!

    Lucky there were no scratches anyway.

  3. Most people in America have automatic transmissions and hardly know what a hand brake is! Would have been awful if you’d been trapped. It would be the end of your “running” habit. You are still running, yeah?

    • S.Le – Of course I’m still running. Pffft! ….slowly like, but I am 😉 Hope you’re keeping up with the walking? 🙂

      Yeh I’ve heard about all weird American things like that. I’ve also heard they don’t even have their own language…in the 21st Century, who’da thunk it? 😀

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