Run Forrest, Run

Finally I decided today was the day I run.  Not run as in Forrest Gump running mind you, we’re only talking about a light run/jog and then walk when my heart bursts through my chest.

Having not done much exercise in the past couple of years (unless lifting a pen at my desk is classed as exercise?), I thought I’d venture out earlyish on a Saturday morning when not many people would be about to mock me and my soon to be tomato coloured, sweating face.

Half way around my route I spotted a group of people in the distance on this long straight road I was going to run up.  I didn’t have my contacts in, so I couldn’t really tell who they were – but presumed it was the local scallywag ninja’s out in force already.  Being a self conscious bastard I decided I had to run all the way…no stopping, because then this group of scallies would just laugh at me for being unfit. 

I was doing alright until I approached them. It was then I realised it was worse than the local ninja’s.  It was a group of Irish girls who had either just arrived in the city for the weekend, or had not yet been to bed.  Either way, they were an excitable gaggle and 2 of them decided to run alongside me shouting motivational phrases at me:

“1-2-3-4…..come on faster….you can do it….1-2-3-4!”

the rest of them stood in fits of laughter.  Grreaaat.  The first time I’ve ever been out for a run and this happens – only me!  Thankfully my heart didn’t embarrass me, burst though my chest and shower them with blood, but I did manage to miraculously gasp for breath and laugh at the same time.  Their burst of energy didn’t last long though and I managed to get to the end of the road before turning the corner and then dying through exhaustion.

I thoroughly expect a man in an emu costume to join me next time.



5 thoughts on “Run Forrest, Run

  1. So glad you didn’t embarrass yourself in front of the Irish lasses. How did you feel the next day then? Legs all wobly and strained? How far did you run? I don’t run but I walk about 1.5 miles (2.4k) That’s about all I want. May start riding the old bicycle soon. I will ride it to work sometimes. (only 2 miles)

  2. You have just posted a picture of the one thing I want in life: a comedy ostrich outfit*. I’m not even lying.

    * There are some other things I want, I guess. But right now they pale into insignificance.

  3. Dennis – I had to search the fountain of all knowledge (Wikipedia) to find out what a Chocobo was. I’m enlightened already!

    S. Le – yeh i was a bit sore! Although I didn’t run that far, only about 2 miles and I didn’t run all of it. Sod that! baby steps for now, gotta start somewhere…

    blueskies – haha you have good taste young lady. I hope if you acquired one that you would wear it everywhere? They are available for about £180 according to google. Put it at the top of your Christmas list!

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