I’ve been robbed (reprise reprise)

One of the transactions didn’t leave my account yesterday as it should’ve done.  No one can explain what stopped it but hey ho, I had £500 credited back into my account.   So I went to withdraw most of it before my direct debits sniffed available cash 😀

Unfortunately the other £460 left my account so they’ve sent forms out for me to sign confirming it wasn’t me.  They said I’ll get the money back in 7-10 days (although it could, apparently, be credited back within 2/3 days). 

Yet again I was assured I won’t be charged any fees for missed payments and a few other people have since told me they are normally quick to reimburse you.  So that’s a bit of a relief. 

I’m going to live in an oblivious banking (yes, I said banking) bubble for a few days now.  My card, automated phone balance and online banking (yes, I did say banking again) have all been blocked so I’m giving my stressed head a few days off from it now.  Feel proper drained today (just like my bank account…ho ho!), maybe I’m getting pig flu…



7 thoughts on “I’ve been robbed (reprise reprise)

  1. £500 credited to your account, sounds like the horse came in. You should get those nice scum who stole your money to make more bets on your behalf…… They wern’t Canadians were they……

  2. At least you got some it back. Hopefully you will get the rest soon.

    Hope you are wearing your ER-style mask to keep away the pig flu, Dr Scribble.

  3. BlackLOG – I’m hoping they make a Euro Millions bet which wins!

    Michelle – Thanks. Hopefully won’t be too long, just hope there isn’t too much hassle to go with it…my direct debits were due out today with nothing in there to pay them. eeek! But the mask has been on 24 hours a day 😀

    Soup – Me too, my cynical head can already foresee lots of hassles though!

  4. I was hoping the lot would be worked out by now. Soon though, right? Hassle-free banking is in your future! (in your dreams) Perhaps you should invest in a nice mattress to stuff your money into. It may be safer and easy to access as well!

  5. Did you hear about the couple up north who worked out they when they used a particular cashpoint their bank balance never changed, so they in total draw out 60 grand, ahaha, go for the gold!

    Speaking of Pig Flu i heard an amusing joke the other day that’ll share, because we’re English and insensitive. How do you get a train carriage to yourself? *pause for dramatic effect* Walk on with a Sombrero and sneeze.
    Ahaha, it’s funny cos you just know everyone on the train would literally shit themselves.

    • Miss M – I did read about that, how fantastic would that be? I reckon I’d try and be a bit more discreet about it though!

      I think you should try the Sombrero effect this week and see what the outcome is? 🙂

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