I’ve been robbed (reprise)

So, three days later and I’m still not really any further on in retrieving my money. 

They can’t do anything until the money leaves my account.  Yesterday, they told me one transaction was due to leave my account at midnight so call back.  Today I called back and found out it’s not due to leave my account until tonight instead(!?).  So, I’ve got to call back again tomorrow.  And then again on Thursday after the other leaves my account!  Even after speaking to three different people yesterday, just before I finally got off the phone with them, I asked him to check that at least one of the four people I’d spoken since Sunday had stopped my card – they hadn’t.  You’d think they’d do this by way of procedure.  Wankers.

The good news is, today, I spoke to someone with more intelligence than yesterdays mentally challenged day releases.  They told me the money was used on 2 different foreign betting sites – I’ve been in touch with one (an Austrian betting site), who say they’ve now blocked an account in my name and are investigating – the other one I couldn’t find details for.  But I’ll leave it up to the bank now.  The person I spoke to today confirmed that I will get my money back.  The only problem is that it could take 7-10 days (worst case scenario is a month). 

In the meantime, due to other bills coming out last week too, I have nothing in my account, no other cards to use and no cash.  Whey hey! 

So tomorrow I’ve got to go to my local branch and ask them for money to cover what I’ve lost (and extend my already bulging overdraft) – no idea why they can’t do this on the phone – but I’d need to go there anyway to get cash with my card being stopped.

Apparently I won’t incur any charges/fees for this, or any direct debits which may bounce.  Yet I still envisage another million phone calls next month, to get these charges I won’t be charged for, reversed…

More hoop jumping tomorrow.  Joy, joy, joy.


7 thoughts on “I’ve been robbed (reprise)

  1. That is one of my worst nightmares. I find the whole domestic banking system completely stuck in the seventies and technically challenged. Even after moving to a completely online 24/7 bank I’ve found they are still limited to the banking hours and practices of other “daytime” banks.

    Bunch of arseholes the lot of them.

  2. Banks. G’argh. When my wallet was stolen in January, the bank managed to cock up at every turn and I waited 5 weeks for a new card and PIN number. During that time, I was also accused of trying to swindle them out of money – one day the cashier said “You have been coming in to get money out over the counter a lot, it is suspicious”. !!!!! I had no other option as i had no sodding card!!!

    Anyway, it seems that anything to do with money is a complete bloodty nightmare. At the moment, me and my former flatmates are trying to get our housing rent deposit back from the Deposit Protection Service. We moved out over 2 months ago and we have only just been put on to the adjudication stage. We are looking at another 2 months before the money is released. At least thebank has said you wont have any overdrawn charges or anything – because I had to fork out a new deposit without the old one coming back in, I have been struggling and the bank doesn’t give a rat’s arse.


    Anyway, good luck, I hope it is sorted out promptly and with minimal fuss from now on.

  3. I managed to treat a couple of “nice” Canadians to cinema trips at the end of last year, it would not have been so bad if they had provided film reviews so I didn’t feel left out. I contacts my credit card company who resolved the issues PDQ, putting the money back into my account and reissued new Credit cards. Any delays were due to me losing the original form that they sent me identifying the fraudulent transactions.

    As for the gambling on your credit card, it might actually work out in your favour, my limited knowledge of internet gambling is that any winnings get put on the card that made the bet – Don’t quote me on that though, I’ve never gambled on the internet, I imagine the set up goes something like this :-

    Little man in a room somewhere (probably eastern Europe) types

    ‘bet now, bet now’

    waiting for your bet before typing

    ‘Unlucky you lost, better luck next time’ – A bit like the Lottery without the auditors……

    Always struck me as about as sensible as the little old lady who used to stuff cash into post box’s thinking that was how her post office account worked. Sadly the story ends badly, the damn postal service people opened an account for her and waited till they caught her in the act of posting the cash. Instead of getting a life sentence for being terminally stupid they gave her the money they had collected, along with the interest. I just hope she promptly invested it in the nearest bin thinking she was purchasing junk bonds.

  4. Eeek, sorry the first part of my previous comment was left on your last post – I thought I had already made the commnet and assumed that it had got lost in the wires. Oh well the second part is, in my humble opinion, is more interesting than before…..

  5. Dennis – It’s absolute nonsense, I can’t understand why they can’t stop it before it goes either. But hey ho, thems the rules apparently.

    Jaggy – They are not the best of people to deal with. I’m still annoyed at having to explain whats happened a million times – after being sent through a myriad of telephone menus. Then eventually landing up in the right dept and explaining the whole thing again. It’s like they work using carrier pigeons.

    Soup – Fantastic, I love the thought that you’re not even allowed access to your own money whilst you wait for a card!

    I have a similar worry with my deposit – not that I’m moving anytime soon – but it has occurred to me a few times that I’d be stuffed if I don’t get it back. Hope you get it sorted.

    S. Le – I’m half way to sorting it, very small update post to follow

    BlackLOG – Don’t worry, I think there is an echo in here, an echo in here, echo in here, in here, here….

    I’m hoping the winnings do come back to me (if any). But if it was me, I would’ve just used it to launder and deposit the money – then withdrawn it onto a different card. I know there will be a trace of it, but not being an international thief I’m sure there are ways around it.

    That’s great about the old lady though, it warms the cockles of your heart! I’m surprised the post office people gave it back though, the robbing bastards have stolen all kinds off me.

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