I’ve been robbed!

We’re always reading about the dangers of putting your credit card details online.  I think I have enough internet smarts about me to know what’s fake and what’s not -  I’m not likely to be giving my personal details out to any Nigerian princes anyway. 

However today is the day I became a statistic of internet crime. 

Some bastardian has somehow got hold of my card details and taken slightly under a thousand pound from my bank account. 

A phone call to my local bank (after being redirected half way around the world to an Indian call centre), I’m told that there are 2 different transactions on Friday; one on an Austrian betting site (£500) and another on a clothes store (£485).  Brilliant!  I’ve got to call back tomorrow when the fraud department is open so they can investimigate – but I’ve been told to not worry and they’ve put a block on my card.

Remarkably, I’m not worried.  I’m just glad I found it now, rather than when I’m at a shop till with a bright red embarrassed face, when my card gets rejected for having no money in my account. 

I’m not sure how these things work, but as long as I get my money back within a couple of days (or they cover my direct debits coming out on the 1st) I’ll be ok with that.  However, there’s a little voice in the back of my head telling me it’s not going to be that straight forward.


13 thoughts on “I’ve been robbed!

  1. The same thing happened to my dad, they purchased over £1000 of electrical goods online. The bank blocked his card and he had to contact the company from which the goods were purchased who cancelled the transaction.

    Maybe you should contact the two companies? Before the transaction goes through and is authorised?

  2. I think the bank fraud department might contact the two companies, but its always worthwhile doing it yourself. Id hate for someone to get free clothes on me!!

  3. 1 vote of concern: 2 votes against free clothes. hee hee!

    I had my credit card stolen in Argentina and they only racked up a whopping $2oo worth of wreckage before I finally figured out the VISA call center number: they were poor thieves I guess. hee hee!

  4. I wasn’t too concerned yesterday, now i’ve spoken to the bank – who were next to useless – I’ve got a feeling I’m going to have to jump through hoops to sort it out.

    I’ve got to call them back again tomorrow: they apparently can’t stop the transaction (??) as it’s in ‘holding’ before it goes out. They can only do something if it actually leaves my account at midnight tonight.

    I’ve got to phone them again tomorrow to see what they can do – even after speaking to 3 different people, I still had to tell them to cancel my card. Useless bastards.

    The rage is slowly building.

  5. It is true that banks can’t stop transactions like that – I guess it has something to do with people buying a load of stuff, then calling the bank to say their card has been stolen so that the money doesn’t come out but they end up with the stuff (obviously it’s more complex, but I assume that’s the jist of one of the reasons).

    Anyway – hope it all gets sorted out dude. I’m sure it’ll be fine eventually.

    • Good point, didn’t really think of that Darfuria. I suppose there’s lots of little reasons why they don’t stop them straight away. But you’d think they can track how you use your account and flag unusual/large transactions (compared to your normal spending patterns) before they are authorised. Oh well, it’s happened now.

      I’ve tried contacting the companies today too, but go no reply from either. The fun and games will begin tomorrow!

  6. I managed to treat two Canadians to a number of cinema trips which was nice of me. It wouldn’t have felt so bad if they had at least written to thank me and give reviews of the films they had seen. On the plus side the money was returned after a couple of phone calls and signing a form to declare the transactions were

    I heard of one case where someone’s credit card was used to bet on line. The bet won and the winnings went back onto the card, the version I heard they were allowed to keep the winnings. So you might actually be rich without knowing it, depending how good a punter your thief is…..

  7. Gosh how awful! I was trying to sort out if you were joking when you posted this on Twitter. I reckon you weren’t! I’m sure you will have to jump through MULTIPLE hoops before this is sussed out properly. Good luck!

  8. BlackLOG Canadians are just so ungrateful, I hope they bought popcorn and made a night of it!

    Bank were more helpful today though and told me it was 2 betting websites (not a clothes site as I was first told). Maybe I’ll strike it rich yet!

    S. Le It’s money, I don’t jest about money 😀 Hoop jumping has commenced and I’m still not really any further on than I was on Sunday morning when I found out 😦

  9. LOL, I got a kick out of the “Canadian’s are so ungrateful” comment….

    Hope everything works out for you… I had this happen to me and the only advice I can give you is don’t trust the bank to put a stop payment on your cards… you need to call the places yourself and cancel them. it sounds like you are already doing that but I had a 3 month fight with my visa account cause I left it up to the bank!

  10. S. Le – I’m getting there slowly.

    Woolly – Hi, I don’t trust them at all at the minute. Although I’ve double checked that my card has been stopped and a new one is winging it’s way to me.

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