Different Meats

ostrichDoes anyone ever eat any different or unusual meats?  Different, as in that you can’t (normally) go to your local butcher or supermarket and pick it up off the shelf.

There was a continental market in town this weekend so I wandered down to see what was on sale.  There was a French stall selling bread, croissants and other non exciting French stuff.  Then other countries were represented by stalls; Germany, Spain, Italy etc.  I stood listening and watching the Germans make sausages for a while.  I always get slightly awe struck and fascinated when I hear/see people are from abroad (what can I say, I’m easily pleased).  As if they get here by magic without such things as metal birds and boats.  In about 5 seconds I’ve already invented a life for them and picture them at home – which confirms them all wearing lederhosen all day, everyday.  Anyway, I digress…

There was a stall different meats: kangaroo, ostrich, crocodile, wild boar and a  few others I can’t remember.   They sell some of these at Glastonbury Festival too, but never knowing how well these would be received by my bowels I’ve always avoided them (Glastonbury is not the place to be trying new stuff which may give you frequent bowel movements)!

Anyway, I opted to purchase a piece of Skippy and some Ostrich burgers.  I can confirm both  as being very nice and neither tasted ‘just like chicken’.  I did prefer the ostrich though, it just seemed to be a bit more meatier. 

I mentioned my purchases in work today and everyone looked at me as if I had two heads.  Then, after contemplating it for a second, decided they’d probably try it too.  So (if you are a meat eater), have you tried different/odd/unusual/alternative meats which are not normally on sale at supermarkets? 


16 thoughts on “Different Meats

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  2. In a strange coincidence to your Blog I had a Skippy burger just the other day, just before the Starsailor gig in Shepherds Bush. It tasted OK but was a little tough. I have also eaten alligator, which other than being a little snappy*, tasted so like chicken that part of me thinks it probably was. Having eaten at many Curry houses and also in my more desperate moments used “Kentucky Fried Missing Pets” I also suspect, but can’t prove, that I may have eaten rat, cat (I hope Mischief and McG never find out), horse, dog and anything else that had gone missing near these establishment. Who knows I might even be an inadvertent cannibal…..

    * Sorry could not resist that old chestnut

    As for foreign markets, even Bishops Stortford has regular visits from Italian, French and German traders. I’m afraid to say I just think they are the same people with a costume change and using a different accent. (I notice that we never have a Polish market, which is probably because there are so many Poles around the local area the traders know that they would never carry off the deception). As for the products they are all available at any large supermarket at a fraction of the price…….

  3. Wild Boar is just a better version of Pork, i really like it. Havent tried the other things (although i have had wierd fishes like swordfish before)

  4. Perpetual – I didn’t fancy the look of the crocodile they had. Plus it was about £7 for a teeny weeny little piece. Sod that. I’ll have a look for shark and swordfish though.

    BlackLOG – I didn’t think there was much difference to the kangaroo burger than a normal burger to be honest. Not that my palette is trained to taste such subtleties obviously.

    Like yourself, I’ve no doubt I’ve eaten many an animal in other fine eateries!

    smidge – they had wild boar but it was mixed with apple, which put me off. I’d rather just try it on it’s own. I’ll give it a go next time though, a few people have told me it’s pretty nice.

    Dennis – I was pretty impressed with the ostrich myself. Tasty bird.

  5. I ate crocodile, kangaroo, and camel in Australia; and have eaten ostrich steak. They were all pretty good.

    I had guinea pig at a restaurant in Peru … it was okay, but the bones were annoying. I didn’t buy the one roasted on a stick that the street vendors were selling though. The feet and head didn’t look too appetizing.

    In the non-meat category: I’ve eaten jellyfish, which was very good … and not jellyfishy at all.

  6. I’m quite picky when it comes to meat, but surprisingly I find that I can comment on your post…
    – Wild boar, when made into sausage (I think it is a Florentine delicacy) is quite like salami, but chewier. When made into pate it is nice, but a little bit eau de dogfood.
    – Goat is quite like beef but chewier
    – Pheasant is nice… and a bit like a small chicken, but the meat is darker.

  7. Hi. And thanks for the comment and the helpful excursion suggestions in Liverpool.

    I *love* swordfish. Zebu is surprisingly nice. I’ve also eaten Giraffe. And rabbit. And otter. And deer. The last five were because there was no other choice. Long and boring stories from conflicts in different parts of the world. I nearly ate a penguin once. Same kind of story.

    But I’m now vegetarian and haven’t eaten meat for around 15 years.

  8. S. Le – I’ve never eaten squid (or much different sea fish to be honest). I can imagine it being very chewy though?

    planetross – Not sure I’d ever try guinea pig, you brave man! I’m very jellyous of the amount you’ve traveled. I hope the jellyfish was shaped into a wobbly castle.

    blueskies – Seems like wild boar can come in different variances, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. Not sure on goat, but pheasant (and pigeon) are others birds I’d like to try.

    Brennig Jones – Hi, another vote for swordfish, I’m gonna have to go and buy some. I’d like to try rabbit, not sure about the rest though, but as you say if I had no choice…
    Not sure I’d eat a real one, but chocolate p-p-p-p-penguins are always good 🙂

  9. I think the fact that I had to literally place my hand over the picture while reading that post proves the point that I am not built to digest such oddities.
    The most adventurous I’ve ever been with food was with Squid, which totally came about by accident. We were on holiday in Spain. I thought they were Onion Rings. Needless to say the chewy and squishy texture pointed me in the direction of my mistake. As a result, I’ve never trusted Onion Rings since.

  10. Miss M – I’m guessing that was not a taste sensation to behold. I can imagine myself involuntary baulking at that.

    I nearly vomit every time I see rice pudding, I think I was force fed it in junior school by the evil nuns.

  11. Ugh! Rice pudding and turnips!! (well, not together, that would be even worse)

    I eat bison (very good, leaner than beef) and have tried moose meat lasagna (yummy), deer, elk, ostrich, seal, rabbit, and cod tongues & cheeks. I like animals. They’re so cute in sandwiches. 😉

    Thanks for the post … great fun to read what others have tried.


  12. Brennig them nuns have a lot to answer for, I’m sure they made a pact with the devil.

    Jennifer Wow, you’ve tried all kinds. Heres me thinking I’d been extravagent with Kangaroo! I didn’t even know cod had tongues (just found a pic on google, they don’t look very appetizing, bluurrgghhh!). 🙂

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