All good intentions

A few weeks ago I decided I needed to exercise more and be a bit more healthy.  So far, eating healthy wise, I don’t eat that much crap anyway but I’m doing marvellously.  Exercise wise…well, the thought is there, the want is there…but it just isn’t happening.  I even set my alarm to go off 45 minutes earlier in the morning so I could go for a run.  Given my current exercise levels are somewhat sloth like, this turn of events was revolutionary for me.  (When I say ‘run’, in all honesty I’d probably lightly jog for 2 minutes before collapsing in a heap). 

The alarm went off at the set time, but before I’d even had time to reach out and press snooze I was already telling myself I was a mentalist.  Running…at 7am…before work.  No chance, I stayed in bed.

So then I spent last week researching joining a gym.  Fuck me some of them are expensive aren’t they?  Jebus.  I burnt off enough calories looking at the membership fees.  So that’s on the back burner for a while. 

This weeks research activity has been on electric toothbrushes.  I know…rock and roll.  I know everything there is to know about oscillating and pulsating heads – don’t deny it, you so wish you were me.

I’ve decided if I’m going to buy a new one it’s going to be a good one.  Good ones are expensive.  However, when I buy stuff, I have to justify it to myself before buying things.  Expensive toothbrushes I cannot justify to myself…unless something mysteriously tragic happens to my current one (which I’ve gone back to using after an hiatus).  So I’m continuing to assault my toothbrush everyday, by dropping it on the floor, until it dies.  It’s served me well and it’s a fighter, but it really just needs to die with a small ounce of dignity now.

I’m living the dream people.  Living the dream.


9 thoughts on “All good intentions

  1. CS have you thought about using a Manual Toothbrush, that way you get 2 minutes vigorous exercise in the morning and another 2 minutes last thing at night.

    As for the death of your current electric Toothbrush, not a chance*, now that it knows that you want it to shuffle off its mortal plug, it is going to hang onto life like an aging relative who is busy spending all their inheritance on running a life support unit……

    * It’s like a Murphy’s law of electrical items
    1) They only breakdown after the warranty and any sale where you could have got a replacement for half price.
    2) Any electrical item you purchase will be replaced by a new model, 2 weeks after you purchased the item. The new model will include essential, can’t live without, features** and cost half the price.

    ** If you do bite the bullet and replace the replacement the essential, can’t live without, features will not live up to the manufacturers hype.

    • BlackLOG My toothbrush holding arm already gets enough vigorous exercise (also probably lasting 2 minutes…Ha!).

      I know what you mean about Murphy’s law though. It’s the very same reason I’ve held off buying an ipod/ipod touch. The law demands they will announce the new one a day after I’ve bought the now defunct model.

  2. I spent a Very Long Time thinking about doing exercise. I have now moved forward and am spending Lots of Time talking about doing exercise.
    The same as you, I started setting my alarm 45 mins early… but sadly, every time my alarm went off, my half-asleep brain justified staying in bed longer: “You’re too tired, you need your sleep,” etc. After a while, I realised that the only way I can do this is if I go running as soon as I get home from work. That way, I get home, have a glass of water, get changed and go out again. When I get back, it’s still surprisingly early (because I run for two minutes and then collapse in a heap, like you) and I feel like I’ve achieved something that evening. And I can eat more biscuits.
    The other thing I did was instead of joining a gym (too expensive and I sooo wouldn’t go) I joined a gym class: circuit training. That way, I had to go because I’d paid for it, and there was someone to push me harder than I would push myself in the gym or running.
    Good luck!
    PS. Also, well done with your thorough research into electric toothbrushes. I am impressed.

    • blueskies – Thanks for the ideas, sounds like I’m in a similar mind to how you were. Someone in work mentioned a circuit training class type of thing too and it’s a good idea – probably the only way I’d drag myself there. Still not out of the ‘thinking’ stage yet though. The same with the run after work…I’m just being a lazy bastard in all honesty. From going the gym in the past I know I just need to go once and I’ll be alright then. I just need a big mahoosive kick up the arse first!

  3. I do hope you give your toothbrush a good rinse after dropping it on the bathroom floor!

    I like BlackLOG’s idea that brushing is actually exercise. That would mean I am actually exercising and not just thinking about it.

    I plan on riding my bicycle to work more this year. We’ll see if that pans out. I’m also planning to do stretching, etc. with exercise “bands.” Sort of like giant elastic bands.

    **NOTE: the word “plan” was used repeatedly.

    Good luck choosing a toothbrush. It’s as important as choosing a car! Perhaps more!

  4. I could never run in the mornings – sleep seems so much more important. Actually I’m having trouble running at anytime at the moment, oh well. Good luck with the exercise.

    PS – I couldn’t really think of anything constructive to comment about but just wanted to say hi as I haven’t commented in a while 🙂

  5. S. Le – Get loads of them elastic bands and make a massive elastic band ball!

    Michelle – Hi! Don’t worry, I never have constructive comments 🙂

    ellie – It’s like Popeye’s when he’s had some spinach.

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