I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

I’ve moaned plenty of times in the past about my mates inability to go out much nowadays – due to rubbish excuses such as:  being married/having babies/having long term girlfriends whereby they might as well just emigrate to the other side of the world etc etc.

So I was suprised the other day to hear my phone beep to a text message from one of my mates suggesting a night out.  Marvellous news I think – it’s about bloody time somone else suggested something and got their arse in gear to go out.  The surprise expression didn’t last long though and it turned to laughter a few words later.

He wasn’t wanting to arrange a night out for that night, the next night or even this coming weekend.  When did he want to out?

The 30th of May.

Yes, thats the 30th May 2009.  Still over 2 months away.  Now do you see how rubbish some of my mates are?!

The only things you book that far in advance are holidays, parties, weddings, concerts to go to, festivals to get wasted at etc.  Not a normal night out.

These are dark days ladies and gentlemen.  Dark days indeed.


10 thoughts on “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

  1. That’s just sad.
    I hope your mates all have big honkin’ flat screen tvs, incredible blogs, droolie wives (plural if that’s legal in England).
    Where did free will go?
    Domestication: First the cows, then the sheep, then the other animals, then the mates.
    Domestication is just a bad routine with a bad excuse.

    • planet ross – that is an extreme case obviously, but the others can be just as bad. As you say, they are stuck in routines now but it’s the life they have chosen. As long as they are happy etc etc. *yawn*

      I can’t imagine ever being like that…in fact I know I will never be like that.

  2. So you think 30 is too young to be married and childed? (not a real word but it went with married) What do you reckon THEY think about YOU? “Poor lad. Just can’t find anybody that suits him.” That’s the married me speaking of course. Go ahead and live in denial. lol

    • S Le – haha touché! There’s nothing wrong with marriage itself or anything that goes with it (at whatever age). But there is if it means I’d have to book a night out 2 months in advance. That’s the bit I don’t want.

      I’m actually not sure what they think of my long standing singledom status, I’ll ask them on Saturday and report back! No doubt they will think it’s sad, but I’m alright in denial land for a while longer (probably only until Saturday) 😉

  3. Sounds like you should broaden your circle of friends. A friend of mine went on a singles holiday and ever since has hardly had a free weekend, such has been the social knock on. I better warn you that it was an activity week and so the poor thing is almost dead on her feet now that she finds her self being dragged on long walks, even longer cycles, interspersed with the odd party.

    I’m guessing this might be a bit hard core for you.

    • Not sure I’d ever go for something like that to be honest – it just doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea. Although I’ll never say never…think of the blogging material!

      I can do hardcore Mr BlackLOG (ooeerrr missus!), not very well mind you…

  4. I so recognize my friends in your description. Actually, you should be glad they are still somewhat there. Most married people I know seem to disappear to never be seen again….(plus, when they are seen, all the married men have gained loads of weight, what’s up with that?)

    Btw, even though some parts bugged me, I loved Shantaram. Great book.

  5. Hi…
    Been married 24 years…not dead yet!
    Have two kids…..manage to “have fun” often with friends
    Husband does his thing , too.
    It is possible!
    Be more creative!
    Think outside the box!

    Hi S.Le and Ross!

    Have a fun weekend!

  6. Me and my old uni housemates began organising a night out in Leeds (which happened this weekend) just over a month ago. After setting a date we could all do, my mate then started going “Ok so I’ll pick you up at 8am Jo”…like woah there, it’s like a month away…chilllll ouuuttttttt….

    There’s advance planning, and there’s advance planning.

  7. phatcatlady – I think having rubbish friends happens to everyone at some point!

    I’m only a quarter of the way through Shantaram (I’m making hard work of it!) but I like it so far.

    Doraz – My box is massive, I haven’t reached the edges yet 😉

    Jo – Its just ridiculous planning that far in advance. Freaky people. My brother phoned me on Friday to go out – I was ready and out the door within 10 minutes. Shaving a close 60 days, 3 hours and 3 minutes off my mates 2 month record.

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