A post of nothing

I feel like I should be updating this thing more than I am, but I really can’t be bothered lately.  I’m not sure if I’m just losing my inspiratation for all things blog or I’m just being lazy.

I’ve no idea how people find things to write about everyday (sometimes multiple times a day).  Maybe I’m not looking in the right places for blog stuff!

Anywho’s (I never say anywho’s in real life by the way…I’m not that cool) I’m going to see The Enemy tonight…if someone lashes a pint in my direction I shall be on another pint throwing at gigs rant by the morning.

It’s also my birthday coming up at the weekend, for yet another year I’ve had to take charge in organising everyone going out.  I’m always the unspoken of ‘leader’ on nights out anyway, no one else seems to have a brain of their own so I’m used to it.  All questions of where we go, what time we go, where we go next etc, always end up with me making the decisions – not a bad thing of course – but it does get tiresome.  That’s a rant for another time methinks.

That’ll do for now, it’s 12 minutes past 5, I should be well gone from work by now!


5 thoughts on “A post of nothing

  1. I only write everyday because if I don’t then I would never write anything. Also means I just write a lot of crap as well 🙂

    Glad The Enemy were good! And happy arranging your Birthday outing.

  2. S. Le – I’m owed about a million…I’ll never get them though. I’m used to it now, I just like to moan now and again!

    Michelle – I know what you mean, a few days of not writing anything and it becomes a chore to start again.

  3. Happy Pre-Birthday salutations!
    Organizing your own birthday celebration ranks up there with organizing your own funeral.
    It sounds like you are a shepherd or something. hee hee!
    How old is the Cynical Scribble now?

    • planetross – yep I agree it’s a bit sad and I said the same to my mate yesterday. The ‘inner circle’ of mates know it’s my birthday anyway they are just looking to me for a time/place etc rather than anything else. It’s up to them to ask others now. I am a shepherd at times, they are all scared of making a decision incase they upset someone. Whereas I just say…I’ll see in you at so and so at 8. Easy!

      The Cynical Scribble reaches the big three zero on Sat. Dark days!!

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