An Addition to ‘The List’

I thought Christmas and New Years was bad for ‘once a year drinkers’.  I think Paddys Day has just spectacularly over took it.

I’d already arranged to meet a mate after work in the pub earlier in the day.  I  didn’t realise it was Paddys Day until it was too late, but I mistakenly thought that there wouldn’t bee too many people out early evening anyway.  How wrong was I?

Very wrong, that’s how wrong I was.

The ‘twat to normal person ratio’ was off the scale.  Lets all wear green and pretend I’m Irish for 24 hours.  Fuck right off.

People were already plastered by the time I was in the pub at 7pm, did all these faux Irish people book the day off work?   Granted it’s an excuse to get pissed….but so is any other day off the week and excuse to get pissed.  I bet they aren’t all out next Tuesday.  There are lot of things I don’t ‘get’ (algebra, fancy dress, marmite, coffee) St. Patricks day/night is now added to the list.

If I see another foam Guinness hat I will not be held responsible for my actions.


6 thoughts on “An Addition to ‘The List’

  1. St. Patrick`s Day went by unnoticed over here. I don`t think anybody knows about it. It`s quite nice really.

    I don`t see people around the world getting all pissed up and pretending they`re from Canada … oh wait a minute! Yes I have … American backpackers!!!

  2. You should try life in Glasgow, every bugger who was ever at catholic school or supports Celtic is suddenly Oirish. Arseholes the fucking lot of them!

  3. Jaggy – I can only imagine it to be an absolute nightmare.

    S.Le – Yeh, work next day. I was never staying out long anyway. I think I left at the right time, there seemed to be a greater influx of them as I made my way home.

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