The Killers

Yesterday we were 99% certain we had free alcohol in the hospitality box we were in.  Wouldn’t it just be sods law that we were 99% wrong.  Booo!

The box was good though, it had a couple of fridges stocked with booze to help ourselves to.   The only downside was that we had to pay for it afterwards.  Booo!  So I didn’t get to murder my liver as much as I would’ve liked.

The Killers were very good though and had the crowd jumping up and down throughout most of it.  Even a couple of the new ones (off the shite 3rd album) sounded good.   It was most of the songs off Hot Fuss which got everyone going though, Mr Brightside being a highlight of the evenings entertainment from the beat pop combo.

All in all a solid 8/10


11 thoughts on “The Killers

  1. So you paid double the price to sit in a box which gave you the privilege of paying for the beer in the fridge…..

    Having had a direct hit on the back of my head – I hope it was beer – at the Kaiser Chiefs on Friday night a box works for me. Did they do bottled coke or Appletise? – Don’t tell me I don’t know how to live it up Rock n roll style…

    Ok I’m ready to sell out, or did I do it years ago. I have to admit to having a box at the Albert Hall for Sting – no Fridge and it cost the same as normal tickets

  2. My friends who were up at the weekend said that the Killers were one of the most boring bands they’ve ever watched. Said they just stood there and played. Interesting to hear a different review. I’d still like to see them…haven’t heard anything off the newest album though.

    • I seen them at Glastonbury in 2007 as well and they were a bit boring there. Although I think that had to do with the sound problems rather than anything else.

      Another mate, who went seperately to me, also said they were brilliant. The new ablum is poo though!

  3. I’m glad they were good and that they still play songs from the first (and best) album. I was hoping to see them at the V Festival in August but couldn’t get tickets – boo!

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