Snow Patrol

I was out with one of my mates on Friday after work, when I got a call from my brother to say he had a spare ticket to see Snow Patrol with backstage passes.  I’m not a fan of Snow Patrol but I think they have a couple of good songs which always sound good at festivals.  So, with the prospect of either visiting the same bars we always end up going to, or a chance to go to a gig and then bear witness to all kinds of debauchery backstage I opted to go along to see them.

We’d already missed 2/3 songs by the time we got in there (how strange, as I write this now Snow Patrol have just come on the radio *starts x-files music*).  Anyway, the gig itself was alright, not really my thing though.  As I said before, they’ve had one or two good songs which sound great at a festival and all the others just follow the same pattern.  It doesn’t make me want to pick up a guitar and want to become a rock star.

“Middle of the road dirge, music for deaf people” was my damning review on coming out.   I’m sure Snow Patrol themselves will be devastated to hear my conclusion.  In fact I’m sure they are smashing up their instruments as I finish this sentence.

Waiting to go backstage (we had to wait about 20 minutes “for them to have a shower”), we all got a bit bored and considered leaving “because it’s not exactly the Prodigy or Oasis is it?”.   But, we still had visions of beer, drugs and girls all over the place so we stuck it out.  Once we were led through, I seriously doubt we’d have to pass more security to get to see Barack Obama.

This is the bit were I would love to regale you of a night of debauchery, tell you that it was exactly what you’d imagine backstage would be like.  Loads of beer and spirits, the band and crew doing coke off tables, girls falling over themselves to sit with the band.  What we actually got, was barely enough alcohol to go around the 30 or so people in the room….and someones massive birthday cake.   It was like we’d walked into a kids party, not backstage after a band had just played to 10,000 people.   We had to settle for a bottle of cider each which was downed in about 5 minutes and then we left.  It most definitely was not The Prodigy or Oasis et al.  We didn’t even offer a “good gig” comment to any of the band (the guitarist seems to take himself far to seriously).  How’s that for rock and roll!

We proceeded to put Snow Patrol to shame and didn’t get to bed until 7am Saturday. Upon waking, the only sensible option was to go out again, so we continued on through a drunken haze until I, literally, lost the ability of speech about 8pm on Saturday.  I was promptly sent home.   I know, I’m proud of myself too.

Tonight it’s The Killers in Manchester.  We’re in one of them hospitality box things where we are 99% certain there is a free bar to abuse.

I’m sure I’ll do myself proud again.


4 thoughts on “Snow Patrol

  1. I do like “Chasing Cars” but, hey, I’m a woman.

    There is a future for you in band reviewing. Another scathing review. At least tell me you got some cake!

    Hope you sufficiently recovered before Monday. Or did you call off with “man flu?”

    • Nope, no cake. I could’ve got half and sold it on ebay. Someone would’ve bought it!

      No man flu, I’m a man not a mouse! Although tomorrow may be the man flu excuse if tonight is any good 🙂

  2. Corporate boxes, backstage passes what’s going on. There was me thinking you were a man of the people ….’sniffs the air’…. smells like sell out to me. It’s a disgrace

    P.S how do you get back stage passes. I couldn’t even get Back stage passes for my school play and I was the lead role in it……Well the lead role for the extra night after Kevin Leaver (the proper lead) went on holiday early (You could do those things in my day). Considering I only had 3 days to learn the role I was remarkably bad – I’ve never seen parents demanding their money back before and it wasn’t just mine either……

    • I’m back to being a man of the people today though. I’m slaving behind a desk like everyone else!

      Back Stage passes – “if I told you, i’d have to kill you”. Don’t you just hate it when people say that…
      It was through a friend of a friend. If I said how they get them, then I would be divuldging far too much information than I’d want to. Then I would really have to kill you!

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