A small update of sorts

I’ve lost what little blogging inspiration I had.  So thought I’d put a post together to see if I can get my head back into the swing of things…

1) I’ve finally found a cheap as chips hotel for my little jaunt to Benicassim Festival.  I’m this close *puts finger a millimetre away from thumb* to booking it.  I’m just waiting on mates (again)! 

Originally there was four people who said a definite yes, none of them have done anything to arrange going since.  In the meantime one of my other set of mates has said they are going with their girlfriend and a load of her mates.  So my new plan is to sort myself out with tickets/accommodation and then whoever goes goes.  So there is at least one mate going so I won’t be on my todd either way. 

2) One of my mates has got hold of hospitality tickets to see The Killers in Manchester on Monday.  Not the biggest fan of theirs (first album was good, second was alright, the third and latest one is a pile of turd). Seen them at Glastonbury in 2007 and I thought they were good, but the sound was shite.  The ticket is costing £60 for in a hospitality box thing (normal pleb tickets are £30) and there is a free bar.  I’ll ensure I drink £60’s worth by the end of the evening so I won’t care who is playing by halfway through.

3) I went the dentist last week, for the first time ever I was examined by a women dentist.  Therefore, for the first time ever, I had a boob pushing into my cheek whilst she leaned over inserted metal instruments into my mouth.  A strange experience I must say. 

I repeated the following mantra to stop my mind from thinking about a boob being in very close vicinity to my mouth:

*metal instruments in mouth. Margaret Thatcher. metal instruments in mouth. Margaret Thatcher. metal instruments in mouth. Margaret Thatcher. metal instruments in mouth. Margaret Thatcher….*

I’m back in two weeks for a filling.  I doubt I’ll need to repeat the mantra with half a numbed face and a drill wizzing around my mouth.


10 thoughts on “A small update of sorts

  1. You are pathetic. With metal instruments in your mouth I wouldn’t think you’d need to think about old Margaret. You must be bad off. lol

    ’tis about time you updated. Missed your Cynical Scribbling!

    Good you found a place you can afford for your trip.

  2. Hahahaha, that margaret thatcher thing reminds me of the Bedtime with the Bear off Bo Selecta

    They’d always get some hot laydee to read him a bedtime story, and when he got excited I remember him going “Sonia Jackson! Sonia Jackson!”


    Oh fun times.

  3. S.Le – I’ve been single for a while, ‘bad off’ is a mild description. ha!

    Not feeling the Twitter love at the min, I even nearly committed Twitter murder and deleted Stephen Fry the other day.

    Jo – I remember that, I used to love Bo Selecta! Another name he used to shout out was “Gail Tilsley! Gail Tilsley!”

    aahhhhh, they don’t make ’em like they used to!

  4. hey, glad you have found somewhere to stay for Benicassim and I completely agree about The Killers. I loved their first album but the other two are crap. Still, I would like to see them live one day. Can’t wait to see your review on them after drinking £60s worth of booze 🙂

  5. My dentist stuck his boob in my face once and all I could think of was … gross! man boobs!!
    Good to hear you are semi-sorted for Spain.

    Margaret Thatcher gets thought of quite a lot it seems. I remember the line “Margaret Thatcher on a cold day” from the Austin Powers’ movie.

  6. metal instruments in mouth. Margaret Thatcher.
    metal instruments in mouth. Margaret Thatcher.
    metal instruments in mouth. Margaret Thatcher.
    metal instruments in mouth. Margaret Thatcher….

    Is it a choice or can you have both?

    Eitherway stop it your turning me on…….

    Damn did I type that outloud I’m off for a cold shower and some flagellation (I’m sure I saw some in the cheese box the other day)

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