Going solo

The joys of a singleton has many disadvantages, one of them is having to rely on mates to do something with.  Given my mates are now producing offspring quicker than rabbits I’ve had to stop relying on them more and more.  Which means I struggle to find people to do stuff with. 

So Saturday night, yes valentines night, I found myself going to see British Sea Power…on my todd.  I still can’t decide if I’m a sad bastard for going on my own or I’m just mental. 

I decided a while ago that I should just do ‘stuff’ especially go and see bands, on my own.  I got fed up of missing bands I want to see just because my mates are super-glued, limb by limb, to their other half.  The venues are in walking distance, so I have no good reason to miss stuff just because I’m too proud to stand on my own for a couple of hours.  So, I’ve stopped being proud. 

Instead, I like to think I show an air of confidence…whilst quietly hovering about hoping no one notices the sad bastard on his own. 

Just incase anyone took pity on me, I devised a fantastic story of me being an entertainment reviewer for the local rag (we all know how great my gig reviews are).  Thankfully no one took pity and tried to adopt me for the evening, so my story stayed safe.   Realistically I probably wouldn’t have said that anyway, but I entertained my own feeble mind for 10 minutes whilst composing my story.

I know you’re all dying to hear my ‘review’ so here we go…

I thought they were OK but not brilliant.  I’m not a big fan anyway but some of the stuff they done was very good.  However, they definitely picked the wrong night for a gig, the place was less than half full.  There was literally only about 200 people there – maybe they just aren’t as well known/liked as I thought.

There you have it, another cracking review.


14 thoughts on “Going solo

  1. God, I’m so with you on this. I have even bitten the bullet and gone to the cinema on my own on occasion. There should be some sort of a website for singles wanting company at events. Oh hold on, there is, isn’t it called an escort service. Hmmmm. I’ll need to rethink this one.

    ps – Can’t understand why you aren’t a professional gig reviewer. Gripping stuff!!!!

  2. I tend to go places on my own, turn up for events, the cinema, gigs, why should i miss out just because im in the same situation as you (although my friends keep going off travelling, not having babies)

  3. Maybe I’m dating myself here but “The Lonely Guy” with Steve Martin is a classic. I couldn’t find the clip I wanted, but this sums it up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXyAdToiYSk

    Not saying you’re a lonely guy: it’s just a drag going places alone sometimes when friends recklessly abandon you … for no good reason other than wife/kids/girlfriend/hair washing. Good movie!

    movies alone are ok, concerts are a drag, restaurants??? well you’ve got to choose carefully.

  4. I haven’t been to a gig on my own, but I went raving with my sister and her mate once, they were loving the happy hardcore so I left them to it and raved on my own all night in another room. People are usually quite friendly if they spot someone on their own. Or they’re too pilled up to notice either way.

  5. Good on you for going out, even if alone. Bravo! I’ve never heard of that band. Are they just local or do the radio DJs play any of their stuff? Welsh Girl is right. Your reviews are ace!

  6. Welsh Girl – maybe I should become an escort, I’d have company and be getting paid for it! Think of the blogging material…

    I personally can’t understand why Q/NME/Rolling Stone/Uncut/The Word/Mojo magazines etc haven’t snapped me up. I like to think I’ve invented a new micro review, no one has thought of it yet *ahem* it’s a very small niché market I’m angling for: “this time next year Rodney…” !

    Smidge – I reckon I’ll be doing more of it to be honest, I’m not ready for my pipe and slippers just yet. I need to built up my confidence to do it more though (and stop being paranoid about it)!

    planetross – good clip and I know what you mean. It may just be something I need to get used to. Or I’ll find a new vocation as a restaurant reviewer “food…shit.” It’s easy!

    Jo – Clubbing is ok on your own, I’ve had a few nights where I’ve been split up from friends (pre baby/girlfriend/wives boom) in a club or at a festival and it’s been fantastic. As you say other people, or I, are normally too wrecked to care.

    I always go for a wander on my own, at least once, when I go to Glastonbury Festival; I manage to find all kinds of weird and wonderful people there of a night.

    S.Le – They’re not local, but they’re not massive either. Wikipedia tells me their highest charting single was at #18 and album was at #10. I don’t hear them that much on the radio, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them either. I don’t think that helps much…

    If you like my gig reviews just wait until I branch out into movies/cars/restaurants!

  7. Despite being happily married (although it is hard to tell at the moment as Mrs B has spent the last two weeks trapped in London due to work pressures). I have managed to go to a couple of gigs on my own.

    Rolling stones when I was 17, none of my friends would go so I went on my own. Miserable experience spent nine hours in Wembley stadium, I don’t think I spoke to any one all day.

    If you go on your own to the cinema – pick the film carefully
    Had a fight with Miss C (Can’t have been that bad as she did become Mrs B) we were meant to be going to see “Out of Africa” – I decided to go on my own anyway – Only know one told me there would be an intermission – Sitting around for 20 minutes looking like Billy no mates was far from the highlight of my life.

    Why not take advantage of being on your own and do something different
    Had four tickets to see Athlete and one by one my friends and Mrs B dropped out (She was ill). Decided to go anyway and went down the front to enjoy some Mosh pit action for once (Mrs B does not approve). How bad could it be at an Athlete gig. Well turned out that a couple of old women (around 60 – lets call them the Handbag Mafia) were in the front row. Any slight movement or attempt to sing along from anyone around them was met with rather harsh stares and threats of a handbag attack. I’ve been in quieter Morgs, even the lead singer was intimidated…….

    I also hate eating alone in a restaurant – generally when I am travelling with work I get food from a supermarket and take it back to my room. There was a holiday in Greece once where my friends used the same rancid restaurant for Lunch and Dinner. I rebelled after a couple of days and went off on my own for a few meals but since the other restaurants I tried were equally rancid I gave in. Never went on Holiday with that group again….

  8. BlackLOG – I dont think I’d ever go to an all day outdoor gig on my own, there’s too much time to fill up. Although saying that, I would have no hesitation in going to Glastonbury on my own. It’s easier to mingle and chat shite to random people.

    I dont mind Athlete, I once seen them in an old disused sugar silo (it was fucking freezing in there)! Can’t believe they had old biddies watching them, they must’ve been family.

  9. Even some people who are married are “alone” when they go out! I feel that if a person is happy being alone, they can be “friendly” to a lot of people , when they go places “alone.” I feel I am not alone, because I enjoy “my surroundings.” I love your outlook on life….great blog here! *(*

  10. I thought your review was really good!

    I know what you mean with the offspring thing – 11 people of my acquaintance had babies last year. That’s almost one for every month. Madness!

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