Trouble at mill

I was accused of ‘discrimination’ in work last week.  Which was fun. 

Some of the staff in my work put blinkers on and think they should do only their primary workload.  Asking them to do some other work as a priority over anything else was seemingly unfair.  I wasn’t asking them to do anything they hadn’t done before, I needed some help to meet a deadline and I didn’t have time to do it on my own.

I was met with an angry, snarly face in front of mine.  Then some swearing, shouting, finger pointing (the usual angry rowing stuff) and accusations of discriminating against them…for asking them to do a little extra work. 

I had to stop myself from laughing.  I asked if she would like to complain to HR.  She did.  Marvellous.  I nearly rubbed my hands with glee at the thought of the entertainment value this would bring.

Since I’ve had people to manage I’ve learnt to take a lot of things with a pinch of salt.  Some things just come with the territory; making people work, completing paperwork, telling them they’ve fucked up again, people going quiet when I walk in a room etc – not arsed at all.  A lot of it is good natured, but even on the occasion it’s not, my avoid conflict alarm goes off and I laugh it off.  But it was a step too far this time.

Most of the time I turn a blind eye when I know people aren’t busy; I don’t want to turn into ‘The Man’.  Maybe I’ve been too lenient and turned too many blind eyes so they think I’m a bit of a soft touch…and I suppose I am to an extent – but I refuse to supervise their every move and workload.  I’ve had managers like that in the past and, apart from being absolute bastards, it doesn’t create a very good atmosphere.  Where do you draw the line though? 

They couldn’t talk to me without frothing at the mouth (I’m obviously a bastard) and their wish to take it further was granted – which, with being too laid back, I think they thought I wouldn’t do. 

The prize for the outburst and lack of work, from one of the directors, was a reminder of their job role and a warning for their behaviour.  I still don’t understand what they thought they could (or wanted to) achieve.  It was totally uncalled for and came from nowhere.  

I’ve hardly heard a peep out of them the last few days and they’ve actually done work.  The magical mysterious world of the female.

Maybe I should just turn into ‘The Man’; stop being soft and rule with an iron fist. Then next time I ask them, in work, to do some work, it won’t be akin to asking them to stab their children to death with a blunt instrument.



17 thoughts on “Trouble at mill

  1. Feel the power! You ARE the man! Live with it.

    Women just HAVE to tell somebody. It’s in their XX chromosomes. Can’t be helped. Could be why women enjoy shoe shopping. (see previous comment)

  2. S.Le – It’s always the women which cause me problems, always!

    roseski – Sorry to hear your dad got done over by that. As soon as ‘discrimination’ got mentioned I wasn’t letting it get any further. It’s a minefield out there with all them kind of accusations.

  3. People are very strange. I mean you are paid to WORK so it shouldn’t be a surprise when you are actually expected to do some. Also, in a world when people are losing their jobs every day surely you would do everything you could to cling onto yours – not throw a hissy fit and weep to HR?

  4. I think it depends on the individual staff member. Some folk can just get on with stuff with minimal supervision and others will swing the lead around when you’re not there. How to really “sit on” the slackers without making them feel like they’re being singled out is something I haven’t mastered yet. But I’m getting there. I haven;t been able to get my machete past security though.

  5. I remember one Christmas Eve one of the girls that worked for me was upset because she had loads to finish before the christmas break and was going to miss out on going down to the pub. I offered to help and got a friend to as well, my thoughts get it done quicker everyone happy.

    She then P*ssed off down the pub leaving us to it. You should have heard her cry when I went into the pub and dragged her back to finish off “her Work” this time on her own. And yes I was painted as the bad one.

  6. BlackLOG – you must be a horrible boss to work for! hehe.

    It is odd how a persons mentality works sometimes, she obviously didn’t understand the meaning of teamwork eh?

    As ‘The Man’ says… “There’s no I in team”.

    My god, I can’t believe I’ve even typed that…shoot me now…

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