Shoe and Mentalist update


I took my shoes back and exchanged them for….a size 6, without trying them on in the shop for fear of exploding in embarrassment.  But guess what, these ones feel a bit too tight.  Where’s the bloody happy medium? (ahhh I hear you say “the happy medium is 6 and a half”) But they didn’t do half sizes for freaks like me. Grrrr. 

However, they are staying on my feet to see if I can wear them in.  I’m not embarrassing myself any further by taking them back again.  If my feet implode soon they’ll be thrown in the cupboard and I’ll start the shoe hunt again.  (not that I can afford to, but I do have a slight ounce of dignity left….only a smidgen though).

I used to think buying shoes and trainers was easy, now I’m a foot freak.  Maybe I need a pair of them special orthopaedic gimp shoes.


I ‘accidentally’ bluetoothed that picture message to my mates in the pub at the weekend.  God knows how many people have it now.

I’m still alive though, that’s the main thing. 


As you were…I’m going to watch Master”cooking doesn’t get tougher than this”chef.


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