Who the hell are you? #1

MMS Message Received

Date: 02/02/2009

Time: 04.47am

From: +447xxxxxxxxx

To: Me

I don’t recognise the phone number and I’ve got absolutely no idea who the mentalist in the picture is.  They have failed to respond to my ‘who are you?’ text.  So you people get to enjoy his ever so slightly manic expression too.

I didn’t think it would be fair to post it up without protecting their identity, so I’ve given him a disguise of a hat and some extra facial hair.


Who on earth sends MMS messages like that at 4.50am on a Monday morning?

Out of all the misdirected MMS messages in the world which could’ve ended up on my phone, I get Mr Psychotic.  Imagine how many MMS are flying around and I get this one!  B’ah!

There is something not quite right going on when he’s not wearing his disguise.  So if I go missing, you who the culprit is!

(I am very impressed with the vast array of frying pans adorning the wall, maybe he’s a chef!).


12 thoughts on “Who the hell are you? #1

  1. I like the way you look on the positive – pans on the wall he must be a chef.

    I would be thinking more on the lines of “The Ring”. You watch a video, get a phone call and end up dead a couple of days later. Only in this version due to the world wide recession they have had to combine the call and video into a strange MMS message. The victim is then found bludgeoned to death with a copper plated pan lying next to them.

    I bet if you check your Horoscope it says something like “Today would be a good day to avoid anyone with a manic expression, especially if they are carrying a pan…”

  2. Glad you all enjoyed the vision of the psyhco. It still scares me.

    BlackLog – it may still come true, it’s only been 2 days. I’m giving myself until Friday.

    ….Goodbye cruel world!

    If I give him a frying pan d’ya reckon I’ll have a stay of execution?

    Dennis – great call on the DEVO lookalikey! Give yourself a pat on the back.

  3. If I were you I would try hiding all the pans; if his weapon of choice is unavailable, it might slow him down for a bit.

    Fingers crossed that you get through tomorrow at least. If you do make it, lets hope it is not one of those month, year or even 10 year versions, that would be along time to avoid pans……

    On a more optimistic note I watched “Control” the Joy Division biopic. There is definitely an influence on White Lies…

  4. BlackLOG – pans are now under lock and key, I should be safe…for now!

    I started watching Control yesterday but got bored half way through, may give it another go later.

    roseski – I can pass you his number if you like!

  5. I received one a few years ago, it went something like this …

    ‘thanks for last night, you’re fantastic in bed … give me a call sometime’

    It was about 10am on a Sunday morning, whoever the text was meant for obviously left in a hurry and gave the wrong phoen number .. oh dear.

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