Incredible shrinking feet

I’m absolutely convinced my feet are shrinking.

I was a UK size 9 in shoes/trainers up until a couple of years ago.   Fast forward to the weekend and I tried on a pair of size 8 shoes – they were literally swimming on me. I know every brand is different but they were just stupidly too big.

I then asked for a size 7 and tried 1 shoe on.  It seemed to fit, but I wasn’t convinced – even when hopping along the shop in one shoe and one trainer (yes I know I should’ve put both shoes on).  However I was far too stupidly embarrassed to ask for a size 6 just to make sure.  How on earth could I be size 6 when my current shoes and trainers are 8?   That’s nonsense.   So my ‘that can’t be right’ mindset decided a size 7 was good enough.

So I paid for my shoes, got home, tried them on properly….I’m still not convinced they fit but it may just be with them being new and I need to wear them in a bit.

I’ve got them on today and I’m half thinking I’ll take them back and try a size 6.  (They just don’t seem right, but I’m not clopping about like a clown either).  But even that is ridiculous, I’m just under 6ft tall, how on earth can I be a size 6 shoe?  Not to mention that I was buying a size 8/9 a few years ago.

So I’m at a feet crossroads.  Do I take them back and try a size 6 (to put my mind at ease/possibly exchange) before my feet stink them out and I can’t get a refund?  Or just wait until they wear in and I have 20 blisters and all kinds of feet related diseases by Friday?  Decisions, decisions.

More importantly though, who put my feet on a boil wash while I wasn’t looking?

Oh well, you know what they say about men with small feet don’t you?

They have small socks.

(Yes, I did spell that last word correctly, perverts!)


9 thoughts on “Incredible shrinking feet

  1. I’ve never heard of shrinking feet on anybody under the age of 70. Perhaps it’s a different brand of shoe? Vanity sizing? Weird mutation of your feet?

    You should absolutely go for the foot diseases. It’s something to whinge and groan about and blogging material. Think of it!

  2. I am a size seven and a half. Most shoe shops do not do half sizes. If I’m lucky the particular shop I’m in does a slightly smaller size 8 than other places and they are not like boats on me.

    Maybe the shop you were in labeled their shoes wrongly?

    • S. Le – My feet seem normal, but maybe I’ve got one of them weird bacteria things that are eating away at my insides. I’m decaying as I type, decaying I tell’s ya….decaaayyyyiinnngg (fades to silence)

      Mark – Hi! If my feet are shrinking I will definitely develop small feet syndrome. The only known cure will be for me to become a clown to disguise my midget feet. But I agree, it’s all the shoemakers, it’s always them. They started the war you know…

      Bevchen – The label looks ok, they are stamped on from the factory inside the tongue bit. Always the possibility it’s wrong though. They are actually longer in length than my other size 8 shoes/trainers. I know different brands have different measurements, but they can’t be THAT different surely!

      I think I’ll have to take them back and check – just for peace of mind.

      God help my soul if I am actually a size 6. I’ll be mentally unstable the rest of my life.

  3. Men’s shoe sizes don’t come in size 6 do they? It could be the boy’s section for you!

    Maybe inspector #12 took the day off and inspector #13 was called in and none too pleased about it.

    Strange. Very Strange.

  4. Nothing to worry about, it is probably just a side affect of the recession combined with the cold snap (if you care to check other parts of your body may have shrunk as well and I don’t mean your sock….) The good news is if you can get down to a Childs size I believe shoes become cheaper and you can get dinky little red lights in them so that everyone can see you at night, how cool is that.

    P.S be careful if you go near any red light districts and remember the harder you run the more punters you will attract…

  5. I didn’t realise size 6 is classed as boys. Marvellous, as if my ego needed crushing any further…

    I might just stick with the foot disease bringing pair for now! The flashing lights on the heels though…I always wanted a pair of them. I’d look swish in a pair of them, strutting my stuff in town, the women will flock to me, flock I tells thee…

  6. You’re not going crazy as I have been there too. I was once a size 7 and then the ‘incident’ happened… my feet morphed into little feet. No joke nor word of a lie. I now take a 4 in heels and 5 in Etnies. My 12-year-old neice who can now fit into the poor lonely size 7s finds the whole ‘incident’ quite hilarious, I on the other-hand find it quite alarming.
    Welcome to the ‘little feet’ appreciation society.

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