Quick Gig Review – cos I’m shit at reviewing anything

Florence and The Machine – only heard one song from the bar but it sounded ok and then she stage dived. Looked ok when she walked past me about 20 minutes later…I would.

White Lies – ace. Best band of the night in my opinion.  Apparently they sound like Joy Division, but being a young pup (and having never dived into their back catalogue) I can neither confirm or deny this rumour

Friendly Fires – I’ll be honest, I thought they were shite.  Trying to do some kind of dancey music – mixed with indie/guitary stuff. It’s not gonna work.  I’m sure they’ll be devastated with damning review.

Glasvegas – First seen them at Glastonbury last year and was undecided if I liked them or not. I’ve listened to their album to death this week and it’s all still a bit *shurgs*.  Whilst there is something there. I’m still not getting it, but I feel like I should.

Quick Bar Review – employ more people and buy more fridges you bastards.  I have a thirst that would like to be quenched without having to wait 15 minutes for a warm can of piss to do so.

If I was a decent kind of blogger person I’d link all them bands to their myspaz page, but frankly, I can’t be arsed.


7 thoughts on “Quick Gig Review – cos I’m shit at reviewing anything

  1. Wow, thanks for that ‘in-depth’ review, I hear Q is just about to head-hunt you!
    Ahaha, nah, seriously I’m interested in hearing about these as all four acts are the main rumours for Reading.

  2. Miss Maturity – The Q post is the one I’ve been badgering about for a while. They really don’t know what they are missing – my in depth analysis is second to none.

    The world is a grim place without my reviews.

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