Done so much but achieved so little

Still not having much luck on the apartment front.  Hotels, hostels and most villa’s are full or too expensive.  I must’ve sent about 50 email enquires off to all kinds of weird and wonderful people and only received a handful of replies back.  Barstweards.

But, in my extensive searching, I have found 2/3 possibilities and had replies. Two of them are smaller apartments/villas but it’s on the tip of our budget.  One of them looks like it has some kind of battered battery/electric operated toilet roll dispenser.  How exciting is that!

Two other places told me they can’t give me a price until they open again on 9th Feb.  As nobody else is doing anything remotely as urgent to find something, it looks like we’ll I will hold out and see what prices they come up with then make a decision.

I did phone a couple of places too; given I struggle communicating in English my Spanish lingo skills were a joy to behold (I did say we were clutching at straws):

Spanish Person: “Hola, blah blah blah blah (something in Spanish)”

Me: (eerrrrr)….”Hola………..english?”

Spanish Person: “Si, Yes”

Me: (phew!)….

Then what followed was a 1 minute broken english conversation of which only Basil Fawlty would be proud of.  I did say gracias and adiós at the end though!  As an aside to that, last time I went I was mistaken for being Spanish by a few bar staff/waiters after ordering rounds of drinks.  

High five for me and my foreign language skills.  

So, despite numerous efforts, I’m not really any further on with any kind of holiday booking whatsoever.  We’ll be walking there and sleeping in bus shelters at this rate.


4 thoughts on “Done so much but achieved so little

  1. Por donde se va a la playa?

    Dos cervezas por favor.

    That’s as far as I go in Spanish. But what more could one possibly need? (Well, the ability to book an apartment I suppose).

    Good luck in the continuing apartment hunt!

    • Blue Soup – It’s over there *points with finger* and no you can’t you’re not old enough!
      Thanks for the luck, definately need it.

      Jaggy – It’s definately not working for me! I’m moved back onto the ’email as many hotels and apartments that I can’ mode.

      Something will turn up eventually….then I only have to turn my attention to the small matter of travel arrangements. Oh the joy.

  2. I’m surprised that any foreigners can understand any British people on the phone. Speaking louder, waving your hands about, pointing, and over exaggerating the pronunciation of words I doubt would work over the telephone.

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