Ticket buying frenzy

Not having much joy finding an apartment for Spain,  2 rejections, 2 cost too much and I’ve had 1 reply using a mix of english and spanish which I can’t make head nor tail of.  I have 1 other possibility but it seems a bit too far away from where we want to be.  We’ll see.

In other news, I got paid yesterday so I’ve gone into a gig ticket buying frenzy…yes a frenzy:

  • NME Tour next week (Glasvegas and some other new bands are playing).
  • British Sea Power in Feb (their first album is ok-sih and I wouldn’t mind seeing them).
  • The Enemy in March
  • considering Howling Bells in March too – I think they’re alright, but no other fucker seems to have heard of them apart from me.  It’s only £8 so it might be worth a go.

When I weigh up my options of being sat in watching tv or going to see a band who I think are at least ‘alright’ (and within walking distance of my abode), then it becomes a no contest for my live music liking ears.

(before anyone pipes up….yes I do have a shite taste in music!)

I also paid for my Glastonbury ticket yesterday.  So it may just be a summer of mud* again for me.

*for anyone not familiar with Glastonbury Festival, it’s notorious, quite rightly so, for being wet and muddy every year. I’ve been 5 times and it’s always rained, none of this ‘light drizzle’ nonsense.  I mean proper rain (that wet stuff that falls from the sky and makes grass and fields proper muddy), for at least one day over the 5 days of the festival.


18 thoughts on “Ticket buying frenzy

  1. You lucky bastard! It must be nice to see live music within walking distance. Where I live, the only live music is had while sitting on the sofa listening to my friend trying out new semi-finished songs. He does have 4 Cds out and isn’t bad though. I would like a bit of diversity though.

    • Aye, I’m spolit a little bit, apart from half the time I can’t be arsed to go…plus having readily available funds for when tickets go on sale sometimes causes problems.

      Can’t you play the spoons or something along with his guitar for some diversity? Is your friend anyone we would know? You’re not secretly friends with a rock god are you…

  2. I think I’m just about keeping up with you in the gigs stakes although I’ve never managed to pay £8 for a gig. Not even 20 years ago. Inorder to cheer myself up as much as anything my list of purchased tickets for the year are

    Kaiser Chiefs – March
    STARSAILOR – April
    V-festival – August (this is our version of your nipping across the road to see a group, only it is a 30 minute drive)
    Coldplay – September

    I do like British Sea Power, I though the second album “Do you like rock music” was better than “Open season”. Certainly envious of that one. I have to admit that I have not heard of Howling Bells, are you sure it is not a Guest Beer at your local pub priced at £8 a jug.

    • Decent list already BlackLOG. Starsailor are playing by me too, if I’m not skint I might get tickets nearer the time. I seen Kaiser Chiefs a few years ago, but I’ve now developed an unhealthy obsession of wanting to punch the singer everytime I see him; so I don’t think I’ll be opting to see them again anytime soon.

      Florence and the Machine are on next week at the NME Tour thing with Glasvegas – White Lies and Friendly Fires are the others. Not heard much of either of them to be honest, I’ll let you know if they are any good..

      see what I mean about no one hearing of them…no wonder it’s only 8 quid! They’ll be on myspaz somewhere. They do exist, honestly!

  3. As Planetross said you are one lucky person to live so close to a venue. I normally have to travel for about an hour to see anyone decent. I have three gigs lined up this year:

    Kaiser Chiefs
    The Prodigy
    Blur at Hyde Park

    Thinking of going to V Festival as well again – this time driving. Getting the train home was a nightmare!

    The NME Tour should be fab – I’m going to look up the Howling Bells, even if they do sound like a guest beer 🙂

  4. Darfuria – Glastonbury gets my vote every year – doesn’t matter who plays, I’ve never failed to have a good time…even when it’s pissed down for 5 days.

    Michelle – Don’t want to make you jealous but there’s at least 3 good sized venues within walking distance. 2 which hold about 1000 each and then a big arena. It’s like being a kid in a sweet shop!

    Let me know if Howling Bells leave a bitter or sweet aftertaste!

  5. Good choices, mine are a bit wierd…im seeing Ray Lamontagne, Bob Dylan, Counting Crows and (ahem) Lily Allen. Im off to Rockness this year, enjoy Glastonbury. Oh and im de-lurking if i havent commented before?

    • Hi weehopper, thanks for delurking 🙂
      Good choices, I like all them…apart from Lily Allen (although I do like her new tune)! Rockness has a very good line up so far, I’ve never ventured up that way for a festival, I keep saying I’ll go to T but never do.

  6. Well I tracked down the £8 a Jug of Guest Beer (or possibly ale, you have to excuse my ignorance having given up drinking before I really got started) that you are going to see – The description “Dark Country and Western Rock group” sounds interesting – not a fan of C&W in general. One of my readers sent me a link to Mr B a Monika I use – Now I can only describe his style as “Ultra posh rapper with Banjo”. I found it intriguing in a sort of playing with a loose tooth ecstasy/agony type of feeling. I would need to receive considerably more than £8 to go and see him play.

  7. I guess the good thing about not being a live music fan (which would be me) is that I save the ticket money which I can then spend on I tunes! What is it that you like so much about live music? I always find it a bit disappointing (particularly when it turns out that the singer isn’t that great a singer and hits bum notes!). 🙂

    • Save your money on itunes and get them for free on the interweb. You then have loads of spare cash for the important stuff…alcohol!

      Live music wise: I’m sure someone else can explain more eloquently than me. I can only think of ‘it’s just better’!
      I suppose it does depend who you see, but I can’t think of anyone I’ve seen where I’ve come away totally disappionted. Without wanting to sound wanky or anything, the atmosphere and energy created at some gigs is amazing. Depending who you see: 2 or 3 people can make a hall/arena/field full of people jump and dance to a guitar riff. Without all the produced stuff that goes onto a CD, it just seems a bit more…raw(?)…and more personal that you’re listening to it as it shoud be played.

      Plus, if you go to see someone live you get the chance to go and throw your underwear at them. What could be better?!

  8. I can’t remember the last time I went to an actual gig. There is a free music festival here every summer though, so I can’t really complain. Jethro Tull came one year.

  9. Hi – I like the Howling Bells, they are quite good and growing on me very time I listen to their myspace page. Cool, thanks for the new music!

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