Last minute apartment and flight hunting


I’m trying to organise accommodation for a trip to Benicassim Festival in July, which is about an hour away from Valencia, Spain.

We went in 2007, but that time we booked it when it had to be booked….on New Years Day.  As I’ve now found out, if you don’t book on New Years Day then all the good stuff sells out.

So, being the pro-active people we are, we’ve done sod all to sort it out and now we’re 20 days late…and counting.  We were supposed to go again last year…but yet again nobody organised anything.  The conversation normally goes something like this:

“do you want to go to Benicassim [or insert any other gig/concert]?”

“yes, I’ll go”

That’s it.

People then magically expect accommodation, flights and tickets to land in their hand.  They want it aaaaaallllll handing on a plate.

But….I do actually want to go again this year so I’m trying to do something about it (if I don’t then nobody else will).

Can I find an available (cheapish) apartment for 4-6 people anywhere in that region?  Nope.

Can I find (cheapish) flights to Valencia?  Nope.

Has anyone else tried?  Nope.

We can work around the flights if we need to, we’d get there somehow if we had somewhere to stay.  Technically we could camp – but I’d rather scoop my eyeballs out with a blazing hot teaspoon than spend 7ish nights in a tent when it’s 30-40 degrees Celsius.

I’ve fired off about 15 emails to different hotels/apartment owners in the vain hope they have availability which isn’t showing on their website.

Straws. Clutching. At.


5 thoughts on “Last minute apartment and flight hunting

  1. Oh I hate that, I’m always the one to sort stuff out and then ALWAYS one of your friends turns around and goes ‘Actually, I don’t think I’ll have the fundage to go now.’ To which you reply ‘Okaaay, when did you figure this out?’ ‘Oh, I kinda had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to afford to go’. Why bother to say you would in the first place? Everytime!

  2. Try a hostel! Check the Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, or Let’s Go.
    The guide books at one time highly advised not staying on San Francisco Street. Arriving crapped out from a long bus ride and fighting friends I found a great place on San F’co street: never realized it was the bordello street until the sun went down. It was still a great place though.

    Good luck!

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