My Google Reader

84 feeds in my Google Reader:

  • 45 of them are just general blogs and peoples insane witterings
  • 16 are ‘New’ which I have found on my blog surfing travels lately.  These stay as ‘new’ until I either bin them or decide them worthy enough to stay in my reader.  (I know this is very geeky, but I need someway to sort the wheat from the chaff!)
  • 8 are feeds for sites who update with articles/daily cartoon things (ie The Daily Mash, Dilbert,
  • 6 music site feeds
  • 4 geeky internet/computer feeds which I keep an eye on for any decent free software or general computer nerd stuff
  • 2 photograph sites (they post good pictures now and again…and it’s not porn!)
  • 2 football feeds
  • 1 Google Reader Blog

Thankfully not all them blogs post daily – I’d never get through them all.  However, scan reading and Google Reader’s ‘mark all as read’ button do come in handy at times!

Out of all them sites I only comment on a handful of peoples insane witterings…sporadically.  I do apologise, but I am officially shit at commenting on other blogs.

What are other people’s feed readers like?  Do you read a lot or just a few?  Or do you prefer not to use a feed reader at all and just click to the site every so often?

If you’re in my blog list or have commented here in the past then I (probably) read your blog too.  You can sleep peacefully knowing at least one more pair of eyes are staring at you.

Doesn’t that make you feel better now?



18 thoughts on “My Google Reader

  1. It’s ‘information overload’ at times – I try to take the weekends to unplug and stop feeding myself with new … stuff. After all, if I don’t care for my own sanity, who will?!! : )


    • Thanks for all your comments everyone…

      Hi Jennifer – You’re right it is a lot of stuff, we humans can seemingly never have enough!

      Darfuria – That’s more than one person needs, you’re just being greedy now 😉

      Dennis – He steals peoples wife’s and calls them Dave, he also sells pegs if you need some:

      Michelle – you should read every single word of them 990 items, let me know how long it takes!

      Blueskies – yep I’m thinking I have too many as well, I feel a purge coming on soon. When you say you start from the beginning, do you actually go back to the very first post and read from there until you catch up? That’s some serious dedication to blog reading if you do!

      deutlich – hi, thanks for stopping by. How many feeds do you have? How do you manage to get through them all?

      planetross – tell me more about the shamen and witch doctors…are they better than Google Reader? Surely not.

      Lauren – I feel your pain. I last looked at my reader about 3 hours ago, already I have 30 odd new posts to read. It’s a hard life. *starts to play the worlds smallest violin*

  2. I use FeedDemon, and subscribe to a crazy amount of things. I have 40 or so game RSS feeds, which covers reviews and industry news. Around 30 for tech industry news in general. Local and national news. About 20 or 30 website development/design websites that update with various tips and techniques. A handful of guitarist websites. Then another 20 or 30 blogs. A few webcomics and a couple of other things thrown in here and there.

    Around 150 RSS feeds all in all I’d say.

  3. Your post just reminded me to check my Google Reader! I go thru phrases of checking it but most of the blogs/news sites that I read I have in my favourites either in Firefox or on my ipod touch.

    So I only have 15 subs on my Google Reader and currently 990 items of interest(!) to read. As you say, the “Mark as Read” button will come in handy very soon.

  4. I have 42 subscriptions and I think that’s too many!

    At least 15 of those are ones I’m ‘going to get around to’ catching up on one day! I like to start from the beginning of a new blog, but that’s always far easier said than done.

  5. I read the people on my blogroll regularly, but all else sporadically. I check up on NHL and Premiere League standings once in a while, but all else comes from other sources: telepathics, shaman, BBC international, witch doctors, …

    note: I heard Seinfeld was cancelled! shocking!

  6. I have so many subscriptions on google reader, it’s ridiculous. I want to read EVERYTHING, but only have so much time. It is daunting, but at least i get a lot out of it!

  7. My feed readers a bit of a mess. It used to be all organised but now it’s just a free for all. I usually just scan down the list ( a mix of personal ones, books, films& tv review blogs) and pick out the good ‘uns. I usually subscribe to someones blog if they comment on mine, then if it’s shit either never look it and mark as read or just delete it.

    Strangely enough, there are only a few American blogs which I read regularly…can’t really seem to get into them as much as the Brits.

    • Jo – Agree with the american thing. Although there are a handful of them which I do read and are quite good. I wonder if it’s the same for americans reading brit blogs..

      I think most of the blogs in my special holding pen are American though….I’m spreading my wings a bit!

  8. I suck at commenting people’s blogs. If it’s a topic I can’t personalise with or have an opinion, I usually just wait for a post which does. It might not be fair, but I’d rather post a worthwhile comment and not one which is two lines and awkward like.

    Also about the American thing, I don’t seem to find that many. It’s usually european or british blogs. However, sometimes, I can’t even tell.

    + I have never heard of google reader, I must have a look, thanks.


  9. I have 5 blogs that are daily must-reads. The rest of my blog roll are read when I have time. Occasionally I read blogs I find on other people’s blog rolls. And I thought I was addicted!

  10. Hi Tom – agree somewhat about not commenting unless it’s worthwhile. If there are a handful of comments, all saying more or less what I was going to say, then I generally don’t bother.

    If you read a lot of blogs, Google Reader (or another RSS reader) are life savers (disclaimer: not literally, if you collapsed and died they won’t save you, sorry).

    S.Le – that’s my weekend look…

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